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Designer radiators: Heat your home in style

As the days draw in and the mercury starts to drop, we all rely on our radiators to keep our homes warm and comfortable. In this article, we showcase the humble radiator as a design feature: Designer radiators that combine both form and function to eclipse their unattractive predecessors and integrate perfectly into your individual design concept.

The versatile Rift designer radiator

Many people love the idea of being able to heat a room to a comfortable temperature without needing an intrusive and unappealing radiator on the wall. The latest radiators are designed to fulfil this wish: Functional design and aesthetic appeal are no longer mutually exclusive.

The Rift – the first model in our overview – heats your room, but shares none of the visual DNA of the traditional radiator. Comprised of two different extrusion modules in aluminium, the Rift can be installed in any vertical or horizontal configuration to create a sculptural composition on your wall. The Rift is available in electric and hydraulic versions and is the ultimate way to transform your radiators into an eye-catching design feature.

Rift is available in over 200 colours and is designed for complete composition flexibility to harmonise with any interior. The radiator uses innovative single collector technology to connect to any water circuit, making it the ideal choice for renovation projects.

A new kind of Android

When you hear the word “Android”, the first thing that springs to mind is probably the smartphone operating system developed by Google. But in the world of radiators, it means something else entirely: The Android is a radiator designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind for Antrax IT. The design was inspired by the Japanese art of origami, which involves folding paper to create different geometrical shapes.

With its multifaceted form and playful interaction with light and shadow, the Android is a unique and contrasting design feature available in over 200 colours. And to top it all off: The radiator uses the most advanced technology and is virtually unrivalled in terms of sustainability. Made from 100 percent recyclable materials, the Android uses very little water during operation. The circuit designed and patented especially for the radiator generates significant energy savings while heating the room to the desired temperature as quickly as possible.

Designer radiators for extraordinary spaces

Is it a radiator – or a piece of art? The Diamond designer radiator by Portuguese designer Patrick Pedrosa and Foursteel transcends the boundaries between the two. The surface looks like a geometric sculpture constructed from individual cut diamonds.

The radiator colour palette is inspired by the latest interior trends with a luxury twist: The Diamond radiator is constructed in steel and stainless steel and is available in classic black and white as well as copper, old gold and gold. All of the models are available in a range of sizes and can be operated via a hot water connection or electrically.

Natural stone radiators: Elegant design and a comfortable room temperature

If your top priority is maintaining a comfortable and healthy room temperature during the colder months, natural stone radiators are a great choice. Appliance manufacturer AEG, for example, offers flat-panel radiators made from granite, limestone and dolomite. Architects and designers have long been attracted to natural stone in interior design – and these designer radiators allow you to integrate this contemporary trend into your home concept in a functional way.

Aside from the material, there is something else extraordinary about this radiator: The heat generated by infra-red radiation – known as radiant heat – does not warm up the air, but objects and persons that come into contact with the heat. This is a huge advantage for anyone suffering from allergies: The radiator does not stir up airborne dust, bacteria or pollen that could trigger allergy symptoms.

The Brick: A building block of unique interior design

Anyone who has ever played with Lego will instantly recognise the inspiration behind the Brick flat-panel radiator. And, like Lego, the Brick is limited only by your imagination – it can be used to create virtually any pattern you want on your wall. Each element is 80.4 centimetres long and 32.4 centimetres wide, and can be combined however you wish in a vertical or horizontal layout. To ensure that the convection heat is distributed effectively and evenly, the Brick designer radiator has a slotted top. The design is available in a wide range of colours and will liven up any interior space, from kitchens to children’s rooms.

With designer models like these, the radiator is no longer a necessary evil in interior design – instead, it is elevated to the status of a design object in its own right.

Like modern fireplaces, the latest designer radiators must combine form and function, integrate seamlessly into any interior and become part of the overall design concept.

If you want to deploy smart heating technology in your home, you can take your radiator renovation one step further: By installing room temperature controllers that heat each room to the set temperature at set times. This technology enables you to control your heating from your mobile even when you aren’t at home.

In modern radiators, premium design and high-level functionality form a holistic symbiosis of design, aesthetics and energy efficiency. The new sculptural shapes, materials and colours enable you to create a solution for any interior.

Which designer radiator do you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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