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Our top 5 designer log burners: Keep cosy with style

A log burner is an alternative heating source that does much more than just provide warmth: As they gently dance and flicker away behind the glass door, real flames create an atmosphere of calm and cosiness that cannot be rivalled by any other form of modern heating. And if you choose a design that complements your interior, you can make your indoor fire into a contemporary focal point in your room.

Sustainable and energy-saving: Log burners enhance your quality of life

Unlike open fires, log burners have a sealed combustion chamber and are not a fixed component of your home’s architecture. During installation (either when the house is built or at a later point in time), the log burner is connected to your chimney using a flue.

Log burners also require a controlled supply of air to fuel the fire in the combustion chamber. Traditional log burners usually use wood, briquettes or pellets as fuel, making them not only efficient, but also very environmentally friendly.

These days, conventional log burners – as well as models that run on gas and bioethanol – are available in a wide range of designs and finishes. If you’re still searching for the perfect contemporary log burner for your home, take a look at our top-five picks.

clou extra fireplace living room

Extraordinary design: Clou Xtra is contemporary and efficient

With an oval body, large rounded glass door and elegant walnut handle – which contrasts beautifully with the dominant anthracite-coloured steel – the Clou Xtra log burner by Austroflamm is a great choice for anyone looking to create a really extraordinary indoor fireplace.

But its unusual shape is just one of this burner’s stand-out features: It also boasts an extremely high efficiency rating of 80 percent and an effective heat storage system that continues to provide warmth even up to 12 hours after the fire has gone out.

stylish elements wooden burning stove

Flexible design: Elements log burner adapts to your vision

The Elements log burner by Skantherm is designed for ultimate flexibility: It is comprised of three different elements that you can combine as you wish to suit your interior and design vision.

The combustion chamber can be rotated by 90 degrees, enabling you to enjoy the flames from different places in your living room. The burner comes with an integrated wood drawer as standard, and a heat storage module is available as an additional option.

contura 35 fireplace wood white room

Streamlined design: The minimalist Contura 35

Any log burner that has been deemed worthy of a Red Dot design award deserves a place in our top five: Meet the Contura 35, a minimalist model with a black or white steel surround, glass side panels and a transparent top.

The Contura 35 harmoniously blends into your interior to create an atmosphere of cosiness and comfort. The integrated heat storage system continues to heat your room for up to seven hours after the fire has gone out.

boa focus fireplace wooden room

Exotic design: Futuristic fire by Focus

With its futuristic design and 360-degree rotating combustion chamber, the Bathyscafocus burner likes to be the centre of attention. This suspended log burner by French manufacturer Focus was inspired by the earth’s fiery core. Placed in the centre of the room, the spherical body and long flue extending up to the ceiling are guaranteed to become a focal point in your interior.

The log burner is available in two designs: an open model and a closed model with an unusual bulls-eye door, which boosts the efficiency of the appliance. Customers can choose between the standard matt black model or a white version.

An attractive alternative for low-energy homes with ventilation systems is the Boafocus Mural wall burner. This log burner doesn’t rely on room air for combustion and is fuelled by natural gas or propane. The appliance can even be operated using a convenient remote control.

mcz stylish pellet burner

Practical design: MCZ pellet burner with Smart Home controls

The MCZ pellet burner boasts both style and substance: It looks great and it can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. The Raam model allows you to control and program the heating output from an app. Thanks to its external air supply, the burner does not draw oxygen from its surroundings, making it ideal for use in buildings with ventilation systems. The slimline design of this practical steel burner makes it a great space-saving solution for hallways and smaller rooms. The geometric front – available in a white, bordeaux or silver finish – contrasts beautifully with the black housing.


Whether you go big or small, contemporary or rustic, or for wood or gas, always employ the services of an expert installer when you’re adding a log burner to your home. Also check out our advice to find out what you should consider when purchasing a burner.

If you want to make your home an even more comfortable and convenient place to be, the digital Gira Home Assistant tool will provide you with a whole host of practical tips, helping you to plan your Smart Home in just three easy steps. Complete your cosy evening by the fire with atmospheric light scenes, relaxing music and intelligent blind control.

Which log burner is your favourite? Or have any other models caught your eye? Share your recommendations!

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