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A true classic: The Gira E2 design line, captivating and timeless

Design originals are ahead of their time, inspiring generations and standing constant in our otherwise fast-paced world. Their interplay of unique characteristics is what puts them above all others. Every single detail has been carefully and meticulously thought through. Extraordinary design, ground-breaking function and the processing of high-quality materials are all the characteristics embodied by the Gira E2 design line.

Gira E2: The design classic that defied every trend

Gira E2 came onto the market in 1998. Many considered it to be a “rogue” due to its angular, reduced design. However, this light switch made a clear statement against the mainstream designs of its time. In

contrast, many of its contemporaries were focused on opulence and playfulness.

Yet the strict, formal and progressive language of the E2 was understood by both architects and interior designers. In fact, many of them deeply valued the switch’s timeless form. It combined minimalism, pleasant haptics and a good dose of technological foresight which could only inspire awe: Simple, yet consistent. For more than 20 years, the Gira E2 has defied every trend. In that time, it has proven itself to be a true design classic.

Gira E2 Design Classic black matt

A timeless design and new varieties for every interior style

Excellent quality aside, the Gira E2 design line has the ability to reduce itself to the essentials whilst offering a plethora of different design options. This is thanks to the choice of many high-quality materials. A particularly elegant highlight, for example, is the stainless steel version available in cool, silver, silky gloss. You can, however, create beautiful highlights on the wall with variations made from UV-resistant, shatterproof and easy-care plastic.


Colours of the Gira E2 design line are discreet, yet varied: pure white silk matt or glossy, black matt, aluminium lacquered and anthracite which help it blend seamlessly into every modern interior. With its natural tones, this minimal design line is a perfect fit for Scandinavian-style interiors. In stainless-steel, it is particularly well-suited to loft-style apartments in the industrial style.

Gira E2 design classic black matt living room
Gira E2 design classic in various colour tones

Attractive design, functional depth

Gira E2 is timeless, not just because of its enrapturing design and variety of materials. It possesses a forward-looking functionality, and its high-quality frame refines not only light switches but even socket outlets, pushbutton sensors and door intercom systems such as the Gira Home Station.


The Gira E2 is also compatible with the new wireless switches for the Senic Nuimo Click smart home control and Friends of Hue Smart Switch. This design classic thus continues to grow in functionality, even beyond itself.

Gira E2 design classic frame
Gira E2 design classic Nuimo Click
Gira E2 design classic "Friends of Hue" smart switch

A design icon continually reinvents itself

Fans of the Gira E2 design icon can now also look forward to a new colour variant. The Gira E2 design line, now in matt grey, is captivating with its simple yet elegant and timeless appearance. A tasteful addition to your interior style.


For those in love with the industrial look, Gira E2 is also available in a surface-mounted version, colour pure white. Want to be flexible and retrofit your switches? No problem! Gira E2 surface-mounted isn't just beautiful and angular. It is perfect for walls you don't want to pry open.

Gira E2 grey matt

From original to timeless classic

“Genuine design originals are highly valuable – not just for living and working environments, but also for our economy,” says Torben Bayer, Head of Brand Development and Marketing at Gira. To raise awareness of this value, Gira launched a campaign for design originals at the beginning of the year. Under the slogan, “What makes an original an original?” Gira wants to sensitise the general public to the special characteristics of original products, in alliance with leading furnishing brands.

In the light of more plagiarism and imitation products, this is more important than ever.

Like many other famous design classics, the Gira E2 design line sets its own standards with well thought-out design language, progressive functions and outstanding quality. Having over 100 years’ experience in engineering, Gira hasn’t just created an original, but a timeless classic.

What do you think truly makes a design innovation into a classic? What do you think distinguishes timeless design from one-day wonders? Let us know in the comments!

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