De Hooch Amsterdam: Smart living in new exclusive apartments

There’s a change coming at the heart of Amsterdam’s cultural quarter: Construction work is currently underway on 28 brand-new luxury apartments. The design for “de Hooch” was devised by the team at MVSA Architects, who were keen to add a touch of contemporary flair to the classic architecture lining of the city’s canals. The project is being completed by Dutch project developers Kondor Wessels Vastgoed and Steenvastgoed. Read on to find out why this new residential development is so special.

Classicism redefined: Modern architecture against a historical backdrop

To fit in with the historic 19th-century buildings surrounding De Hooch Amsterdam, the new complex was designed with the traditional structures of the adjacent buildings in mind.

Instead of the traditional brick facade, the architects opted to place the building on a tall natural stone pedestal, complemented by modern materials such as ceramic and glass. The front facade features large windows across all eight storeys, offering residents great views of the cultural quarter and its vast green square (Museumplein).

To the rear, the apartments benefit from French-style balconies with steel railings, wooden terraces and natural greenery. From here, residents can take in views of the canal and the city centre beyond – which is just a few minutes’ walk away. The internal courtyard provides an outdoor space for all residents.

view on the front side of the modern apartment building de hooch in amsterdam
view on the balconies of the modern building de hooch in amsterdam
breathtaking view out of the modern aparment building de hooch in amsterdam

Individual luxury: De Hooch offers custom interior design

All 28 apartments in the new complex are generously proportioned, offering between 170 and 300 square metres of living space. Depending on the new owner’s requirements, the apartments can be kitted out with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, a sauna and even a private gym.

The floor-to-ceiling windows and doors ensure that the apartment is flooded with natural light during the day, making the most of the airy, open-plan design. The developers have put together a team of interior designers to help future De Hooch residents realise their vision for their new home.

inside view of modern aparment building de hooch in amsterdam
view inside the kitchen of the modern aparment house de hooch in amsterdam
bedroom view in the apartment de hooch in amsterdam
bathroom of aparment building de hooch in amsterdam

Home comforts: A comprehensive package of Smart Home technology at De Hooch

In addition to a fully customised interior design, the new apartments also boast a personalised technical specification planned by Dutch electrical specialist Maestr. All of the technology is networked via a KNX system, enabling it to be centrally controlled. Gira technology also plays a key role in the Smart Home setup in the apartments: Gira solutions are used to control the lighting, blinds and entertainment systems, as well as the heating and air conditioning, via the intelligent Gira G1 control unit.

The user-friendly touch screen display provides an overview of all Smart Home functions and energy data and consumption values for all appliances at a glance. The Gira G1 also allows users to control their devices via an app on their smartphone or tablet. The control unit also serves as a two-way intercom with video function, enabling residents to see and greet their visitors in the lobby.

The Smart Home system is also fully equipped for expansion and new applications – so owners can tailor the system to suit their needs at any point in the future.

How important are Smart Home comforts to you in your everyday life? Tell us what you would focus on when planning and fitting out your new home.

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