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Smart technology behind a stylish facade: cube-house design

The young Bavarian couple had a clear vision for their new home: It needed to be modern, close to nature, and equipped for the future. After a long search for the perfect plot, their hard work finally paid off: In 2012, the couple finally moved into their cube house, build adjacent to a nature reserve and surrounded by greenery. But its unique location is not the only thing that makes this new home so special.

Minimalist cube-house design: Space inspires shape

The almost perfectly square piece of land on which the house is built is close to one of Bavaria’s major cities, nestled in between a series of long plots that are already built up. It was this tricky shape that first inspired the couple to consider a cube-house design.

With spacious patios and outdoor space staggered across multiple levels, the cube house blends seamlessly into the hillside behind it. Balconies on the south and west sides of the house lead into the garden.

The ground-level cellar houses the garage, a workshop and a gym. The 12 x 12-metre ground floor is configured as a single, open-plan space, in which the kitchen seamlessly transitions into the spacious living area complete with log burner. A spiral staircase leads to the top floor, which houses the bedroom, guest room and bathroom.


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Contemporary and ready for the future: the minimalist cube-house design. Source: Ulrich Beutenmüller

A sense of space enhances quality of life

Inspired by the modern architecture that they encountered on their travels, the couple wanted their cube house to be as spacious, open and light as possible. With ceiling heights of up to three metres, the house was designed to create the sense of space that the couple felt was so vital to their quality of life. Large, south-facing floor-to-ceiling windows and a “lighthouse” extending up to the top floor break up the white brick façade and provide outstanding views of the natural environment surrounding the home.

Minimalist design with sophisticated finishing touches

Inside, virtually every detail of the design reflects the signature style of the couple, and coordinates perfectly with their close-to-nature, Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle. The anthracite porcelain stoneware of the matt shimmering floor tiles on both floors is also used in the kitchen island and on the kitchen work surfaces. Aside from a bold flash of colour in the living space, white walls dominate the minimalist design. Elegant black glass switches from the Gira Esprit design line adorn the walls throughout the house.

Modern kitchen and stairs
Bathroom with bathtub
Home entrance with wooden door and Gira Esprit black glass switch.

Live close to nature with future-ready Smart Home technology

The couple were thinking about the future when they planned their new home’s technology, too. Their interest was centred on automation technology, which is designed to make homes more comfortable and convenient, enhance safety and improve energy efficiency. After considering their options, the couple opted for the future-proof KNX system, which networks all of the home’s electrical components via the Gira HomeServer. The smart computer-controlled central unit evaluates information generated by all of the connected devices and sends control commands based on this data.

All the data you need – at your fingertips

When networking their Smart Home technology, the couple’s high safety and security standards were a top priority. To meet their needs, the KNX system is connected to Gira room actuators installed in every room and multiple cameras monitoring the exterior of the building. From the living area and bedroom, the owners can view images from the cameras via Gira Control 19 Client touchscreens.

Bossting efficiency: how the cube house saves energy

The young home-owners combine their modern lifestyle with a sustainable and energy-saving approach to day-to-day life. The cube-house design in itself, with its flat roof and large south-west-facing windows, delivers huge energy efficiency benefits. The heat radiated into the house by the sun significantly reduces energy consumption during the winter months. In the summer, the automatic blind system provides shade and ensures that the temperature remains optimal in all rooms.

Intelligently networked – from top to bottom

The photovoltaic system on the roof maximises the energy efficiency of the building by generating additional green energy. The owners can track how much energy they are generating and using via the Gira HomeServer app, a digital tool that enables them to monitor and control their Smart Home technology remotely from their mobile devices.

White Gira smoke alarm device with smoke
KNX or wireless: Which system is right for your Smart Home?

For the couple – both of whom are professionals who love travelling – the KNX system is the perfect starting point for greater flexibility, enhanced safety and security, and a more sustainable everyday lifestyle.

Their cube house proves that advance planning can be the key to realising your vision for your dream home.

What do you think of this white cube house nestled in nature? And what would you focus on when planning your new home? Share your ideas in the comments!

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