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Craving natural living? Grow your walls green

Plants + wall – The perfect combination

Ideas on how to bring nature to one’s home keep flourishing. So, it’s no wonder that a whole new industry is now solely dedicated to the installation, upkeep, maintenance, and optimisation of wall greenery. The do-it-yourself concept remains a refreshing alternative for those of us with decent crafting skills paired with a green thumb. Whichever variant you opt for, from opulent climbers to minimalistic, Tundra-style moss arrangements, there are virtually no limits to your imagination. What’s more: whatever obstacle you might encounter can be often bypassed by technology.

Your interior garden will flourish if ...

... your plants feel the love. Not all plants are suitable for green walls. An obvious prerequisite is the plant’s compatibility with room temperatures. A brief online search for 'hothouse plants' will tell you all you need to know. Plants species recommended by experts include creeping fig, and ivy arum (Epipremnum aureum) among others. The latter can even survive without much light. And in case you want to utilize spaces that may not be blessed with enough brightness, commercially available metal-halide lamp systems can be used to create the right lighting conditions.

Innovative living ideas

Simple or fancy?

If you are interested in a bun moss wall, lighting or watering play no role. Thanks to special conservation methods, moss won’t require much attention from you. With its fairly structured look, a bun moss wall is more reminiscent of a minimalist design object than of a wild, vertical garden. Moss also happens to have a strong soundproofing effect. Bottom line: a bun moss wall of this type is a pretty low threshold for getting into green walls. However, if you have more daring expectations, companies specialized in this field can assist you with all stages of complex greenery projects, from planning and installation to maintenance and upkeep.
When it comes to irrigation, you obviously need to check whether the wall is suitable, and what would be the best way to keep the plants alive – a water tank, a hose system, or some other watering methods.

The more complex installations are likely to offer alternative design options to fit your interior taste: touches of colour, patterns – maybe a simple logo?

What works indoor, works outdoor too. Building façades can be greened over just as effectively as interior spaces. In most crowded cities, vertical gardens can even provide greenery in areas suffering from a chronic lack of space thanks to sophisticated façade greening technology. This type of urban greening not only balances climate, it also enhances the visual setting.

How do feel about this trend? Have you already considered adding some greenery to your home to create your own oasis of tranquillity? We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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