How to create the perfect cottage interior design in your living room

Cottage style homes have long been loved for their pretty, rustic feel. Drawing their inspiration from country homes in rural England, they emulate the English cottage décor aesthetic. Alongside natural materials such as wood, stone, enamel and ceramic, this classic interior style is characterised by antiques and neutral coloured flea market finds. We share the styling elements, from furniture pieces to décor items, that you need for a charming cottage interior design.

Choose a country sofa to curl up on

Nothing says cottage interior design like a country sofa.

This is one thing that any country interior cannot be without – a generously sized, comfortable sofa with lots of cushions to create the perfect setting for a cosy evening. With its curvaceous design, this piece of furniture will become the focal point of your country living room where you and your loved ones will relax and unwind.

You can pick a country sofa in a neutral colour, like beige, brown, taupe, grey or shades of white, and add in hues by bringing in colourful layers in varied textures (find out layering tips and tricks in the next section). You can also go for a striped or floral sofa for an authentic cottage feel.

country style living room

Use layered textiles for a warm and colourful look

One thing that is crucial to cottage interior design is a layered style. It is essential if you wish to bring character, colour and warmth to your living room. You can pile on the layers by introducing throws, rugs, curtains and cushions in mixed prints, colours and textures. To get a true English cottage style feel, think tartans, rich-toned fabrics, plaids, damasks, florals and chequers in traditional woven or knitted materials.

Subtle natural colours and pastel shades are perfect for these elements. Country colours typically consist of light colours, like pale yellow, peach cream, sea mist and eggshell, along with accents of brighter hues, like deep reds, pinks or blues. Light colours in their faded style seem to tell a story, which is why they fit so perfectly to this style. Not only are these authentic and raw, but are also homely and playful, making them ideal for this interior design.

chair with a throw
autumn colours

Mix traditional touches with contemporary finds

Who said that a traditional cottage interior design can’t be modern? Many people who go for rural styles try to mix in contemporary elements these days. To achieve a modern cottage interior design, pair a contemporary element with a traditional one. For example, a country sofa with a modern lamp, a plaid throw on an edgy couch or a floral wallpaper against a modern designer cabinet.

You can also bring elements of modernism to your overall traditional cottage interior design and see how they complement the whole look to create a harmonious country style. Copper is a shade that is very versatile and will bring vibrancy to rustic wood tones. Go for vintage accessories, like a chandelier or table lamp, in copper to bring in a touch of balanced modernism. It also complements oranges, pinks and neutrals – classic colour choices for a country style home.

living room with fireplace

Play on existing architectural features

If you’re lucky enough to own a period home or have constructed your home in a traditional architectural style, show off its unique features by making the most of its architecture. For example, if your living room has original beams, bay windows or stone walls, integrate them into your cottage interior design instead of concealing them with wallpaper or plaster.

Be careful though: Sometimes authentic, rustic architectural elements can be too overpowering on the whole interior design and impart a raw, rough feel. So, while retaining some core elements, make sure to introduce a lot of cheery and light colours to add softness to the overall look.

A cottage interior design living room

Design highlights for a cottage interior design

To make your cottage interior design complete, focus on small things. Accessories, like fresh flowers, vintage cabinets, colourful layers and even switches can take the overall cottage look of your living room to the next level.

Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood design line switches – which are available in colours such as nature-inspired light grey, anthracite or brown – are perfect for country interior design. You can use the Gira Design Configurator to find out which switch design is the best fit for your interior style. Try out different colours and design combinations on your smartphone or tablet to decide which looks best in your home.

Do you like how cottage interior design combines warm colours, plush furniture and antiques for a cosy living room setting? Drop a comment below.

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