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Contemporary architecture in a picturesque setting



The only input the architect Sandra Hoelzer-Ebert received was “it should be exceptional”. What she had to work with was a huge piece of land in Heidelberg, ending in a pointed shape, including a gorge and a protected slope in an idyllic setting. Taking nature as her orientation point, the architect found the perfect architectural balance between security, views, light design, and comfort. A prerequisite for this balance was the use of modern building technology.


Stacked design with a clear structure

At first glance, the family home could be a gallery or museum for contemporary art. It could also be compared with dice. The three floors almost seem to be randomly stacked on top of each other. Of course, there is a clever concept behind it: To take advantage of the gorgeous views of the natural surroundings, while at the same time protecting the inhabitants’ privacy.


A modern single-family home

This home integrates smart technology and ultimate comfort. Source: Gira
This was a challenge that the architect solved elegantly. Clear forms characterize the back of the house. To flood the three-metre high rooms with daylight, floor-to-ceiling glass doors were tailor-made. They also offer a stunning view over the gorge, amongst others. With the click of a button, the living and dining areas become one with the terrace. In summer especially, this is not only comfortable but also a real eye-catcher.


The outdoor area is enclosed by a high concrete wall to keep unwanted guests out. This way, you can do your laps in the pool or tan against the garden backdrop without a worry. You can get the best view of nature and the starlit sky from the flat roof, which can be accessed from the third floor.


Minimalistic design meets innovative building technology


Unusual light design

The lighting concept, based on LED lighting, is extraordinary. In many of the rooms, multi-coloured LED lights are built in, as well as in the 260 square metres garage. And the pool was not left out of this extensive lighting concept either. A dip in the heated pool gets even better when the water shines in your favourite colour. With innovative building technology, the complete light settings for indoors and outdoors can be easily managed and customized. Modern architecture needs modern building technology The more individualized and unique a building gets, the simpler and more comfortable its management should be. Because of this, architect Sandra Hoelzer-Ebert and system integrator Bernd Klein decided to use Gira’s building technology.  


“Without the latest technology, I will not build, because this way, energy can be saved, and the residents’ comfort and safety can be increased,” explains the architect. The brain of the house is the Gira HomeServer. Here lighting, sound, entertainment, and security building technology components come together. To ensure seamless communication, during construction a cable was laid for the KNX system in addition to the standard power lines. The home-owners can, thanks to the Gira touch sensors, activate every function of the building technology in each room – such as individual lighting scenes. This single-family house shows what is possible when planning your home if you are willing to explore new, innovative avenues, and discover the advantages modern technology can bring to your daily life.


This single-family house shows what is possible when planning your home if you are willing to explore new, innovative avenues, and discover the advantages modern technology can bring to your daily life.

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