Discover the art of creating cosy spaces with the colours of autumn 2020

As the days begin to shorten and the leaves on the trees gradually turn from golden yellow to deep shades of red and brown, we naturally gravitate towards the place where we feel warm, safe and protected - our homes. If you love nature’s autumnal palette, then you’ll be pleased to hear that this season’s colour trends will allow you to bring a touch of the outdoors in. Warm and earthy red tones are set to dominate the interior design scene for the second half of 2020, and this year, you can warm up your interior with some brand-new shades of red and exciting colour combinations.

Decorate with warm earthy tones during dreary autumn days

Earthy colours are inspired by nature and exude a calm and comforting warmth. This is especially true of colours with a high proportion of red. These fall on the warmer side of the colour wheel and have a vast range of different shades and variations. As with any colour or interior trend, it’s all about choosing shades that work well together.

Incorporate variety of colours at your home, from soft rosé to dark burgundy. Source: YouTube / Dulux Australia

Think multi-faceted red tones for feature walls

Depending on the shade and depth of the colour, red tones can give your room a completely different look and feel while also complementing your interior style. Shades of bordeaux, chestnut or rust red on the walls can create an elegant backdrop for classic mid-century modern style. A muted, powdery terracotta or a bold magma red would be great choices for feature walls.

Pair any of these with lighter colours such as beige, sand or cream for a light and airy look. A muted, powdery terracotta or a bold magma red would be great choices for feature walls. Pair any of these with lighter colours such as beige, sand or cream for a light and airy look.

Orange living room setting

Incorporate red in this year’s furniture designs

To make your house as cosy as it can possibly be this autumn, consider adding red furniture and accessories to your interior to complement the warm tones on the walls.

The slimline, stackable benches from Cor’s Drop series are a perfect way to add a touch of red to your home. The colour of the distinctive steel frame matches the bordeaux or rust-red fabric of the cushion.

A sofa in the living room.

Bring nature indoors with earthy tones

Along with colour-coordinated furniture, pieces in natural materials also work beautifully with earthy tones. Light and dark wood, leather and natural stone emphasise the natural heritage of earthy colours. You can also play with different shades to create multi-tonal features.

The grain of walnut wood, for example, naturally incorporates fascinating colour gradients. Soft, textured fabrics and rugs made from natural fibres or hides will make your room look even cosier. Add eco-friendly linoleum-plywood switches from the Gira Esprit design line to complete the natural look.

Subtle colours: view on gira light switch

Boost your comfort with smart technology

So, this is it: You’re ready for autumn! With warm earthy tones, you can create your own cosy autumn retreat for days when the weather is anything but golden. You could also add Smart Home technology to make your home even more comfortable.

No matter what you desire - atmospheric light scenes to set the mood, systems to create the perfect climate or voice-controlled speakers for your soundtrack to the season – everything’s possible with a connected home; the only limit being your imagination.

How do you plan to cosy up your home this autumn? Share your favourite colour combinations in the comments.

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