The right colour scheme for your home: Set beautiful, harmonious contrasts

It’s well-known that colour can influence our perception, especially for the better. So why not use this effect for yourself, in your own home? By using colourful accessories, coloured furniture and beautifully accentuated walls, you can transform the ambience and feeling of a room according to your desires.

Colour courage: The conscious use of colour schemes in the home

Certain colour schemes and styles work particularly well in simple environments where more neutral tones such as grey and white are dominant. However, the likes of furniture, accessories and wall design need to be coordinated in terms of both colour and style.


You should also take care not to combine too many different colours. Otherwise, the overall picture may appear too restless or overloaded. At most, you should limit yourself to a maximum of three.

When you choose three colour shades from the same family, the interplay can have a particularly harmonious effect. When setting a particular colour scheme, you also don’t have to focus on “colour saturated”. You can also use them sparingly. For example, more minimalist rooms do well with subtle pastel shades and create quite friendly contrasts.

Set beautiful colours sofa living room.
Colour of the Year 2020, Dulux, living room

Clever decoration: Small colour schemes, huge effects

Probably one of the more “classic” ways of setting a colour scheme is through the use of candles. Think colourful tealights, taper candles or pillars which add to a sense of cosiness. Perhaps you could even arrange an interesting still life figurine on a chest of drawers, with a decorated flower vase. May add a few patterned bowls and glasses. In addition, colourful lampshades or picture frames are great for setting contrasting points. You can make a grey sofa appear even more inviting with huge, colourful cushions. To freshen the bedroom with a great colour scheme, textiles like curtains and bedspreads are your friends.


Cool to warm: Harmonious contrasts and a new sense of space

For setting a good colour scheme in the living room, you could consider warm and earthy tones.

Between white walls, brown leather armchairs and light-coloured furniture, you can add more liveliness with splashes of colour. Think bright orange and red for a bit more liveliness.

Should you be looking for colour ideas in the bedroom, your best bets are cooler tones. Delicate shades of blue and green can invite freshness into the room and serve to be particularly calming. Pillows in a strong purple can, for example, help round off a light lavender shade on the wall. With aquatic shades, you can make them appear particularly elegant in combination with a pastel mint.

Set beautiful colours with flower vases and candles.
Set beautiful colours dining room.
Set beautiful colours pastel sofa.

Colour schemes for the wall

Colours are great because they don’t just influence our mood. They also have an effect on the room itself. A particular colour scheme and form on a selected wall can either visually widen or narrow a room, even draw attention to a special piece of furniture. For example, you could paint a single wall in the living room a dark mocha brown or Bordeaux red. This turns it into a high-contrast background a large, light sofa. In your bedroom, the wall behind the bed might use a strong grey-blue. This can serve to emphasise the sleeping area as the centre of the room.


Don’t forget about switches for your interior style

Switches and sockets are perfect for adding to a room’s colour scheme.

The Gira E2 design line in black matt can, for example, ensure elegant contrasts on both light and dark background.

Using a wide range of materials and colours, you can fit the Gira Esprit design line flexibly into various interior styles. Grey and brown shades are available in the linoleum-plywood variant. The Gira Esprit glass design line also has frames in numerous colour variants. Altogether, the subtle presence of switches on the wall really can add to a new colour style to enliven almost any room in the home.

Gira E2 set beautiful colours
Gira Esprit set beautiful colours.
Set beautiful colours switch and plug.

Furniture as a statement: Functional colour schemes

Furniture like chairs, shelves and chests of drawers are also great for accentuating a room’s colour scheme. You could consider the modular sideboard Framed by Moca, which attracts attention like a framed work of art. The colours of the drawer units can also be combined as you

choose. Overall, the playful look of this piece of furniture can add a bit of character to a minimalist interior style.

Textiles, coordinated home accessories or contrasts on the wall: the right colour scheme in your home can give add a fresh and exciting look, without much effort. You can try out a few new colours, combinations and see what kind of effect they’ll have on your room.

What kind of colour schemes work for your home? Let us know in the comments!

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