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Smart Christmas: 10 clever Christmas gifts for the whole family

Do you always resort to gift vouchers – or of the classic pair of socks – for your loved ones at Christmas?

This year, we will help you break the pattern with our top ten smart Christmas gift ideas that will make the life of your nearest and dearest easier.

1. For music fans who love flexibility

The Move speaker from Sonos has a weatherproof and impact-resistant shell to provide outstanding sound quality both inside and outside the home. This Bluetooth and WiFi-speaker can be controlled with its own smartphone app, or via voice command using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

You can use it to play music, listen to the news or schedule appointments. With its deep bass and Trueplay tuning function, which automatically balances the sound, “Move” provides the perfect soundtrack to any scenario. The battery lasts up to ten hours and is charged via the supplied docking station.

This IFA Berlin highlight 2019 is very trendy and useful for your perfekt music-moment.

2. For explorers that like digital company

People who travel frequently often find themselves living out of their suitcase. Wouldn’t it be great if they could have a personal concierge travel with them? The intelligent, minimalist luggage by Berlin-based start-up Horizn Studios is packed with features to accompany digital nomads on their journeys. If you don’t have a socket nearby to charge your mobile, for example, the removable powerbank will keep you going.

The high-quality hard-shell cases also come with access to the Horizn Go service app, a digital assistant that helps you plan your travel, books hotel rooms and suggests local discounts and offers, such as a free breakfast. In addition to traditional trolley cases, the Horizn Studios range also includes bags and backpacks.

Travel smart with Horizn luggage. Source: Horizn Studios / YouTube

3. For sun worshippers who love music

Sunglasses on, volume up: The Bose Frames Rondo smart audio sunglasses deliver sun protection and amazing sound in a single unit. The patented acoustic housing connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to produce “open-ear” sound.

Here your ears remain uncovered, enabling you to keep track of what’s going on around you while still listening to your favourite tunes. The innovative audio technology, in combination with the product’s distinctive round lenses with UVA/UVB protection, make this Bose version of a retro classic a winner in our eyes – and ears.

4. For people who like to cook smart

A high-quality chopping board and a decent set of knives are an essential part of the kitchen toolkit for any keen cook. The ChopBox is a collection of five practical kitchen tools. The water-resistant board sharpens knives and features an integrated clock and digital scales.

It also boasts an additional extendable work surface and an integrated UV storage compartment, which can be used to store and sanitise knives.

Five kitchen tools in one: ChopBox. Source: The Yes Company / YouTube

5. For barbecue fans with a taste for smart things

The Meater is a perfect gift for anyone who loves a barbecue. This wireless thermometer makes it easy to grill the perfect steak. The 13-centimetre stainless steel probe measures the temperature inside the steak and sends the results right on to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

If you enter information on the type of meat and desired results (such as medium rare or well done) into the app, it will tell you how long to leave the steak on the grill and will then notify you when the perfect cooking temperature has been reached.

Meater makes it easy to cook the perfect steak. Source: MEATER / YouTube

6. For the more chaotic amongst us

Your family is getting ready to leave; your other half is searching for their wallet, and you just don’t seem able to locate your car keys. These kinds of scenarios aren’t just limited to the chaotic holiday season, but one tiny little gadget may be the answer to all your problems: “Tile” is available in a range of designs, including a keyring for your keys, bag and suitcase and a super-slim model to stick on to your wallet. The gadget connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. If you can’t remember where you placed an important itemy ou can use your smartphone to make Tile emit an acoustic signal. To find the item, you just have to follow the sound.

The system also works the other way around: Just press on Tile to make your phone ring, even if it’s in silent mode. With GPS technology on board, you can also use Tile to locate objects on Google Maps. Tile differs from other trackers because of its “Community” system. If a user encounters an object with a Tile that has been marked as “lost”, the app sends an anonymous signal containing the location data of the object. The Community currently has half a million users worldwide – making Tile the perfect gift idea for those of us who frequently replace their belongings.

7. For security-conscious payers

The Bifold wallet by Volterman is a practical way to store all your cards and cash securely. This slimline men’s wallet boasts an integrated mini camera and GPS tracker to protect against theft, as well as a powerbank that can charge your smartphone wirelessly.

If this elegant wallet does fall into the wrong hands, you can locate it via Bluetooth or WLAN using the Volterman app. RFID protection stops criminals from cloning your card data. The company also offers personalisation on its genuine or artificial leather wallets.

A great gift that is really hard to lose! Source: Volterman Smart Wallet / YouTube

8. For technology fans who love Smart Home products

You don’t always need to have your smartphone at hand to control your connected Smart Home devices. The wireless Nuimo Control switch enables you to control your Sonos speakers and smart Philips Hue lights with the touch of a button. This universal control unit can be positioned wherever you want, and can be configured to control up to three devices using its own app.

Via a Bluetooth connection, you can play and pause music, control volume and switch between songs on your Sonos speakers with just a click of the switch. Once you’ve linked your smart switch to your Hue lights, you can switch and dim intuitively or call up preconfigured light scenes using the button.

Full control of your music in any room. Source: Senic GmbH / YouTube

9. For sleepy heads

Searching for a great Christmas present for that special someone can be the cause of many a sleepless night. But you can enjoy a more relaxing and restorative slumber all year round with the Dreamlight sleep mask. This wearable device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and uses personalised surround sound and warm light impulses to help you switch off.

The Dreamlight app enables you to set the duration and intensity of the infrared light, choose your music, or activate vocal coaching for relaxation exercises. The sleep mask also records vital stats such as your heart rate so that you can analyse your sleep patterns in the app.

Enjoy a truly restorative night’s sleep with the Dreamlight sleep mask. Source: Dreamlight / YouTube

10. The body-conscious who want full control

We all tend to overindulge a little over the holidays. So while a set of scales might not seem like the best thing to give a loved one at Christmas, this model does much, much more than just weigh you. Body Cardio measures your pulse and provides a breakdown of the water, fat, muscle and bone mass in your body.

The pulse wave measurement feature also tells you how healthy your arteries are. The matching app immediately displays your body mass index and other key figures on your smartphone. This kind of technology helps you see the benefits of changes in your lifestyle, and will motivate you to continue – it might be just the push you need to keep up with your resolutions.

Geschenkidee: Mit dieser Waage behält man die volle Kontrolle

These smart gifts are sure to surprise and delight any technology fanatic lucky enough to find them under their Christmas tree.

On behalf of the entire G-Pulse editorial team, we wish you a very happy Christmas and we hope that your Christmas shopping is stress-free.

Which smart gifts would you give to your loved ones? Let us know in the comments!

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