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Create your kids’ dream bedroom with this practical and inspirational children’s bedroom furniture

There comes a point when a simple cot, changing mat and chest of drawers is no longer enough to equip a child’s bedroom. Kids grow up, after all. So, when that time finally comes you may find the following tips a valuable source of inspiration.

1. Flexible Children’s Bedroom Furniture: Ideas with room for growth

You might not immediately think of children’s bedroom furniture as something they can outgrow. However, like their clothes a single chair or

table can become obsolete within just a few short months. Wouldn't it be great if chairs, tables and beds were simply designed to grow with them? Height and length-adjustable furniture like the Tripp Trapp Chair is not only practical, but long-lasting too.

The wooden chair is available in various colours. It also features an adjustable seat and feet to adapt to your child's height. Cologne-based label De Breuyn has also designed a wide range of flexible, modular children's furniture and height-adjustable bunk beds.

Height-adjustable furniture that grows with your child. Source: YouTube / Stokke AS

2. Create storage space in your child’s room 

There are many advantages to opting for a raised bed in your kid's room. For imaginative young minds, the bed can serve as an adventure playground, a mountain to conquer, or a luxury four-poster. Raising the bed off the floor also frees up floor space for additional furniture, a play corner or more storage space. In kids’ rooms, storage has to be simple: The easier it is to organise toys, the easier it will be to keep things tidy. 

Modular wooden boxes, bed boxes or containers on wheels can be used to clear away books, building bricks and cuddly toys. Solid chests or blanket boxes can also serve as benches, and furniture can be modified to fit into recesses and corners. If floor space is limited, hang cupboards and shelves to create storage on the walls instead.

children's bedroom furniture - girl with a doll's house

3. Timeless Children’s Room Ideas: Classics that stand the test of time

Design classics can also add new levels of functionality to your children's room. The Panton Junior from Vitra is a tailor-made mini version of the mid-century design that we all know and love, and is available in seven cheerful colours. The two-piece Eames Elephant serves a dual purpose as both a seat and robust toy.

In its latest two editions – made from polypropylene and wood – Vitra has given its legendary elephant a new lease of life. Or if elephants aren't your thing, how about a timeless wooden animal by Danish designer Kay Bojesen? This delightful collection of toys has been bringing smiles to children's faces for generations – and they can hold their own against modern-day superheroes and princesses too.

Eames Elephant chair aschildren's bedroom furniture
children's bedroom furniture and the Panton from Vitra
eames elephant and rabbit as children's bedroom furniture

4. Dimmed lighting for a warm, cosy ambience

In addition to the obligatory ceiling light and bedside lamp, there are lots of other ways to use lighting to enhance the cuddly, sleep-inducing ambience in your child's room. Comforting warm light will make the room feel welcoming and cosy, which may help kids to fall asleep. If your little ones are scared of the dark, soft or indirect dimmed light – perhaps from fairy lights or light patterns projected onto the ceiling – may help.

Gira motion detectors are a great energy-saving solution. They are fitted with lights that automatically switch on and off in response to movement, helping your child find their way if they need to get out of bed at night and reducing the risk of trips or falls on the way to the light switch. Practical, long-lasting and adventurous: children’s furniture doesn’t have to serve only a single purpose. Filling your child’s bedroom with multifunctional pieces can not only save you money but create piece of mind.

GIRA LED lighting as children's bedroom furniture

5. Modern technology for enhanced safety in kids' rooms

Of course, the lighting and technology that you can install in a child's room depends on how many socket outlets you have available. The Gira SCHUKO socket outlet has two functions: It not only supplies power to the connected device, but also incorporates an LED orientation light to illuminate the room. The integrated light strip creates a corridor of light to show your child where to walk in the dark. The socket is equipped with a twilight sensor, enabling it to switch itself on automatically in the evening and off again when morning comes. In easily accessible areas, the Gira socket outlet with enhanced contact protection reduces the risk of children

coming into contact with live components, helping you to keep your kids safe should they decide to "go exploring". is packed with even more ideas for upgrading your children's room with modern technology. From suitable light switches to smart home technology, the digital tool will provide you with personalised tips for any living situation and room size in just three steps. Aside from all of these tips, there is one other golden rule to remember when furnishing a children's room: Let your creativity run wild. If you and your kids like it – go for it!

Do you have any tips/ideas/suggestions for furnishing a child’s room? Please let us know in the comments!

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