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Cabin One Minimal House: A smart micro-home for flexible living

Building or buying your own home is a long-term commitment. But in our modern, fast-paced world, the dream of owning your own property seems incompatible with our dynamic lifestyles, in which our plans and needs can change in a heartbeat. The new Cabin One Minimal House uses modular architecture as the solution: To create a building that adapts with its owner to meet our flexible lifestyle needs. Whether used as a main or second home, holiday property or home office, the innovative micro-home makes a clean break away from the rigid conventions long associated with the construction and property market.

Cabin One Minimal House: A new design for the homes of the future

The Cabin One Minimal House is at home in the countryside or as part of the urban landscape in a busy city: The home can be erected anywhere, even in remote or unpopulated areas. To realise this vision of complete freedom and independence, functionality was top of the agenda for the team of architects working on the design.

With quality and user-friendliness in mind, they packed the micro-home with all of the features and fittings needed to live a comfortable life. And the best part? You decide exactly what you need.

Wherever I lay my hat: A sense of freedom

The modular pre-fabricated home is built around a high-quality wooden frame, which provides 25 square metres of living space for up to two people. The space also includes a fully functional daylight bathroom. Panoramic windows and clever zoning of the interior create a feeling of space in spite of the small proportions of the structure. The photovoltaic system on the roof provides around 60 percent of the energy that the home needs to operate on an average day. The remaining power and water for the shower, sinks and washing machine is drawn from the local infrastructure; the micro-home comes fully equipped with all of the necessary connections.

The Cabin One Minimal House is a flexible contruction.

Build a custom pre-fabricated home – module by module

Depending on how you envisage using the Cabin One Minimal House, you can add a range of units to the basic module to create your own modular design. The all-inclusive package includes a bathroom, sleeping area and bed, additional storage and a tailor-made kitchenette. The Berlin-based architects have partnered with a number of well-known names in the world of furniture and interiors to offer an individual finish inside the cabin.

The sustainably designed, flexible furniture and the comprehensive intelligent technology work hand-in-hand to maximise comfort while minimising your footprint. If you want to go all out, you can kit out your Cabin One Minimal Home with Philips Hue lighting, smart Sonos speakers and networked thermostats by tado°. One example is the new Wohnglück-Smarthaus, which is based on the Cabin One Minimal House and has been developed further. All integrated products and technologies are connected with each other and controlled centrally, showing how smart technology can provide you with more comfort, security and energy efficiency in your home.


Intelligent living: Maximum comfort in a minimalist Smart Home

Gira is also on board with the project: A range of smart solutions from the company’s product portfolio can be installed in the new micro-home.

Covering everything from elegant sockets for interior and exterior use and presence and motion sensors to cutting-edge data connection technology, the Gira product range brings the latest smart technology to your Cabin One Minimal House.

The Gira door communication system, for example, enables keyless access to your micro-home while the Gira smoke alarm device Dual Q provides everyday peace of mind. With the modular Gira pushbutton sensor 3, you are in full control of all your connected technology. The minimalist Gira E2 design line switches feature a matt black frame and streamlined design, making them the perfect fit for the contemporary interior finish – and with Gira System 55 switch inserts, you have the freedom to realise your own design vision and create a home that works for you. Cabin One is rounded off by splash-resistant Gira TX 44 outdoor sockets – packing everything you need into the smallest of spaces.

The Gira Keyless In Fingerprint save the fingerprints from the housemembers of Cabon One Minimal House.
The wall of Cabin One minimal House consists out of wood.
The light switch from Gira is used in the Cabin One Minimal House
Gira System 55 with Gira Esprit Glas design line in the Cabin One Minimal House
Perfect energie outside the house: The Gira TX_44 outdoor power socket.

Clever construction – ready for the future

As great as the latest micro-home sounds, there may still be one question playing on your mind: How do you go about getting your very own Cabin One Minimal House? The main thing you need is a plot of land with planning permission. Most of the construction process takes place in a central production facility, which delivers your finished micro-home piece by piece to your site. As is typical of Tiny Houses, you can easily dismantle the Cabin One Minimal House and transport it as a unit to another location if your circumstances or lifestyle needs change.

In a world in which living space is becoming increasingly scarce and land prices are rising, innovative living concepts like the Cabin One Minimal House are more than just a fad; the concept could change the future of our entire housing sector. The Green Living Space project by SchwörerHaus, Gira and Vaillant has already shown just how individual, smart and sustainable small-space living can be.

You can explore the Cabin One and see how the new micro-home concept could meet your lifestyle needs by paying a visit to the show home in Berlin.

Individual, flexible and smart: How would you feel about moving into a Cabin One Minimal House?

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