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Burglary protection: When burglars don’t stand a chance

Tamper-proof technology makes life difficult for burglars

For many people, a dog isn’t just a pet; it also works as a safety guard and personal burglary protection for their home. A “beware of the dog” sign can often suffice to scare off criminals as the risk of drawing attention through the barking is too high. However, burglars going after a specific item usually find ways of “turning off” the four-legged alarm system – most dogs can be bribed with a treat or even tranquillised with narcotics without the slightest difficulty. In contrast, intelligent security systems can’t be tricked that easily. This is why modern building technology offers a broad range of effective solutions that provide genuine burglary protection.

Full burglary protection through networked intelligence

When criminals come across an unexpected obstacle, their plan is often scuppered within a matter of seconds.
This is precisely why securing windows, doors, and other potential “entrances” is one of the first measures you should take to protect your home from burglars. An alarm system and sensor-based motion detectors also impede strangers’ attempts at gaining access unnoticed. Systems in which the technical components are connected to one another via a KNX network are particularly effective. They become intelligent due to an “electronic brain” such as the Gira HomeServer. This is where the information from the networked devices is compiled. The server control centre takes over the surveillance of your home and reliably manages the technical equipment within.

Prevention is the best form of security

burglary protection
burglary protection
burglary protection

Programmable security: Control at all times

As with the guard dog, the system has to first learn the “commands”. This is done by programming individual control commands, which the Gira HomeServer forwards to the electronics in configured situations, which in turn automates the device functions. Cameras, for instance, start recording independently when motion sensors in a certain area register movements at night. You can also choose to receive notifications on your smartphone via an app or watch the camera recordings while you’re out and about. Whether you’re at work, on holiday or out walking, you can always rest assured that there won’t be any nasty surprises waiting for you at home.

Burglary prevention: Smart occupancy simulation

Criminals are particularly active during the holiday season, and with good reason: they see an unoccupied property as a downright invitation. But you and your family, including the dog, can still enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind, as the automated building technology discourages potential burglars if you “train” the system before you leave.

The Gira HomeServer captures your everyday activities and usage habits for the networked devices for this very purpose. For instance, it records the timeframe you open and close the blinds in, and the time you switch on the light or turn off the television. These activities can be played back automatically on request. That way, the system simulates presence which keeps burglars at bay. So you’re sorted with effective burglary protection for your home.

Greater security in your own home – one step at a time

One major advantage of intelligent building technology is the fact that its security network can be gradually expanded. You can start with motion detectors, window and door contacts, for instance, and expand the system to include cameras and panic switches if necessary. More challenging applications such as speakerphone units or authorised access control systems can also be implemented in the KNX system. Many of the wireless devices don’t require any extensive prior installation work or additional wiring for this purpose. The more technical elements you connect via the Gira HomeServer, the more effective your protection against criminals will be. Not even the most attentive guard dog can compete with this system.

What aspects are particularly important to you when buying a security system for your home? We look forward to receiving your comments.

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