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From typical 80’s house to Smart Home: Latest building technology in the Teutoburg Forest

This house is definitely an eyecatcher. The renovation was executed by Uwe Diekmann of dpia Innenarchitekten: The architect smartly combined the existing home, dating back to the eighties, with contemporary stylish design. “We used the original construction and extended the sloping roof to cover the full width of three metres”, Diekmann explains. The red brick structure fluidly transitions into the light two-story extension with its puristic, white plastered façade. Large windows make it possible for the light to penetrate all the way into the centre of the home.

Elaborate lightening and audio concept

The renovation took about half a year. During this time, the house’s layout was completely redone, and the new flooring did not only meet the newest interior design standards but also housed the latest building technology.
In addition, an elaborate lighting concept was implemented: the staircase is equipped with LED lights in various colours, and a backlit steel column covered with glass creates a relaxed atmosphere at the fireplace. Being music lovers, the family also prioritized a high-quality sound system. Here a Revox Multiroom System was used, which provides the whole house with good sound. The benefit: the built-in speakers could be discreetly integrated in the ceilings. The Revox Multiroom System is also connected with a KNX System and can therefore be operated in each room using the Revox controls in Gira switch design. “The residents can listen to different music in four zones all supported by one system”, clarifies Reinhard Stitz of Jupit Audiovision, who implemented the sounds and visual concept for ten rooms. All sound and visual components are intelligently connected with each other and can be remote-controlled using an iPad.

Solutions for your security


Future-oriented building technology for more comfort

Also, the rest of the building technology is planned in a future-oriented manner. The KNX system is always completely in tune with the family’s current and future needs because new devices and functions can be added on and programmed any time. The installation of the building technology was done by Uwe Kleine of Udo Heuke GmbH & Co. KG. The technician creatively planned the different functions: the sunscreens are connected to wind monitors, extensive lightning scenes are available at a push of a button, and the temperature can be conveniently adjusted for each separate room. With the function “central off“, all energy guzzlers can be turned off when leaving the home. “In this way, the residents do not need to go through the whole house to turn everything off”, explains Uwe Kleine. The entire system can either be operated over a central display in the entrance area or alternatively with Gira Touchsensors in each room.
Additionally, the sauna and whirlpool are embedded into the KNX system and can be turned on to pre-heat while being on the road.

Smart security

Besides comfort, the system also provides maximum security. With Gira’s video intercom, visitors can be recognized before opening the door. But not only the smoke detectors by Gira, installed on all ceilings, create more safety. The presence simulation protects the house during holidays by operating the lights and blinds corresponding to the way these were used by the residents the two weeks prior to their leave. All in all, a modern home was created accommodating the highest design, comfort, and security standards. You, too, can turn your home into an individualized Smart Home.

What would your ideal Smart Home look like? What should it be able to do? Share your ideas with us!

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