Building a home theatre: How to bring the big screen experience into your home

Cinema fans have not had it easy this year. Long-awaited film releases failed to materialise, and many cinema visits had to be cancelled. Nevertheless, you don't have to miss out on great film moments. With a home theatre, you can bring a great cinematic experience right within your four walls and what's more - you can determine the programme.

What is a home theatre?

As an alternative to the public cinema, a home cinema ideally recreates the atmosphere of a large hall – including a large screen format and powerful sound. Since not everyone has the right space for this, we tell you how you can bring a cinema atmosphere into your own living room and set up your own home theatre with clever technology.

The equipment: What you need for a home cinema

1. The display

Thrilling action films or breathtaking landscapes are best enjoyed in razor-sharp resolution. Modern technology enables first-class picture quality with TVs, such as the Samsung QLED 2020, now even offering 8K resolution. Thanks to a processor with artificial intelligence, even low-resolution content is supposed to be converted into impressive 8K images.

So, you can enjoy even old classics in the best quality. Modern smart TVs also offer the option of conveniently streaming films via pre-installed apps.

An alternative for real cinephiles: If you want to create a real cinema feeling in your own home, use a screen and a projector. Be sure to plan a little more space for this, as the projector needs a minimum distance of 1.5 times the image width from the screen.

2. Optional playback device

Those who do not use any of the major streaming services, such as Amazon Prime or Netflix, and prefer to use their classic DVD collection should think about a suitable playback device. Receivers are a good choice here and new-generation game consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X, also play DVDs and Blu-rays without any problems. In addition, the consoles will provide plenty of entertainment at your next boys' night out.


3. Audio system

Without a powerful sound, even the most exciting films are only half as captivating. There are now a number of different entertainment systems and sound systems that are suitable for home cinema. Soundbars that can be placed on cabinets or sideboards are popular, for example. The smart Sonos Arc soundbar, for example, provides a lively sound experience with Dolby Atmos sound and fits into a modern interior thanks to its elegant design.

Experience authentic movie-theatre style acoustics in your living room with the help of the right sound system. Source: YouTube/Sonos

4. Cosy furniture

For a successful film evening, you need cosy furniture. Whether it's the couch or the armchair - it's much easier to relax in a comfortable position during the screening. Or how about a smart bed? The innovative HiBed with integrated lights, speakers and a screen with TV function is right up there with other furniture trends in 2021.

5. Voice control as an entertainment upgrade

Those who want to take their home theatre experience to the next level rely on voice control. Modern smart TVs, game consoles and sound systems are compatible with voice assistants, such as Google Assistant or Alexa, and can be conveniently activated or switched off by voice command. You can also network your blinds and lighting in this way.

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How can you control home theatre technology conveniently?

The home theatre consists of many technical components that must be installed and operated. The Gira KNX system enables home theatre functionalities for more convenient everyday control of the home theatre.

You can couple the entertainment system with the building technology and control it centrally via the Gira HomeServer or the compact Gira X1 version.

For example, you can recall the pre-programmed "home theatre scene" at the touch of a button on the Gira pushbutton sensor 4 or at the touch of a finger via the Gira app: the electronic blinds and screen lower, the TV starts, the lights get dimmed and the heating is brought to your desired level.

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What does a professional home theatre cost?

Home theatre systems can vary greatly in price. 55-inch sets start from 350£, but their quality isn’t great. For larger TVs with higher resolution, you will have to shell out at least 900£, depending on the manufacturer. For a high-quality audio system with several speakers, keep aside another 400 to 1,300£. If you also want a playback device, such as a receiver or game console, it will be between 100 and 400£.

The investment in the home theatre equipment pays off not only for film fans, but the large-screen format also guarantees many hours of the best entertainment at live sporting events, photo shows or game nights on the console. Thus, the home theatre becomes a personal permanent admission ticket for unforgettable evenings.

What should not be missing in your home theatre? Tell us how you would like to create a cinematic atmosphere at home.

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