Black house facades: a versatile trend in modern architecture

For a long time, dark grey or black house facades were considered a no-go. Thanks to modern design concepts and innovative colour formations, however, the image of the colour black in architecture has changed. Today, many more buildings appear impressive, elegant and timeless featuring a black facade – and are an extraordinary eye-catcher in any environment.

Modern lightness on the coast

On the British east coast in Thorpeness, a holiday home rises out of the dunes that stands out from the typical British coastal village, and not just because of its sculptural architecture.

With sloping points and deep furrows, a seemingly floating structure crowns the glass facade of the ground floor.

While modern materials such as concrete and glass dominate the appearance, the entire upper floor is clad in a black facade. The dark-coloured wooden construction is broken only by different sized asymmetrical windows This irregularity continues inside: rather than room layouts based on straight lines, the interior is arranged between angled recesses in the light, wood-panelled walls. In this way, the black coastal house from Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter combines aesthetics and modern design together under one roof.

The house at night
A stunning house with black façade
Great view of the surroundings

Architecture as a shadow on the landscape

In the harsh sunlight of the California desert, a shady spot offers a welcome respite to the body and the eye. This thought inspired the architects of Oller & Pejic Architecture to design their Black Desert House, which burrows into the shimmering ground of the Mojave Desert like a polished basalt monolith.

While one part of the house embeds itself in the rocky earth, other parts of the building rise from the barren, dusty site. Floor-to-ceiling windows open the matte black facade up on all sides, providing expansive views of the prairie. A terrace with a pool and a patio between the stone slopes echo the structure of the house and offer protective open space in the midday heat.

Quelle: YouTube / Melissa Home & Garden

A peek behind the black facade at Ammersee

The Black House in Germany compliments the uniformed landscape of new buildings on Ammersee Lake. Situated between an office building and an apartment building, the small house stands out from the neighbourhood due to its black façade. The special topography of the site prompted the architects in charge of the project, Buero Wagner, to create rooms of different heights, which flow smoothly into one another on the inside and are delimited by different roof shapes on the outside.

The black facade is not only an unusual eye-catcher, but is also functional. The charring of the wooden cladding makes it water-repellent and protects it against fungus. Meanwhile, the interior concrete walls serve as thermal energy storage for the installed panel heating. In keeping with the black facade and the minimalist architecture, the interior switch design, Gira E2, in black matt sets elegant accents on the walls.

Black house on Lake Ammersee
Interior view of the black house on Lake Ammersee
Open window leads to spacious terrace

Behind a black facade, an elegant living landscape often reveals itself, which is certainly more inviting than the outer impression would suggest.

In many cases, modern technology also contributes to an all-round homely and comfortable environment.

Would a black facade be an option for your next construction or renovation project? We look forward to your comments!


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