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Indoor bioethanol fireplaces: Bring campfire romance into your home

When the cold season dawns, there is hardly anything cosier than a play of flames in the stove. But what to do if there is no fireplace? Modern bioethanol fireplaces are interesting alternatives that radiate both comfort and exclusivity. What's more, they do not require any complicated installation.

How a bioethanol fireplace works

Fireplaces that run on the fuel ethanol are known commercially as bioethanol fireplaces or indoor fireplaces.

They are used when there is no fireplace in the house or apartment and owners really want the ambience of a fireplace, especially during the current cold weather. The big advantage: They can be placed where you want to be – near the dining table, next to the sofa or simply in the middle of the room. Even though a house cannot be heated with them, bioethanol fireplaces do generate pleasant warmth at certain points.

Advantages of bioethanol fireplaces

Bioethanol itself is a combustible liquid obtained from biological raw materials such as sugar beets, potatoes or grain. The sugar contained in it is broken down and fermented to alcohol to produce liquid bioethanol. Compared to the classic fireplace, users need not fear smoke or soot.

But because the combustion process produces carbon dioxide and water, good room ventilation should still be provided. Smoke detectors reduce the fire risk to a minimum. Find tips for the optimal installation of smoke detectors here.

Basic safety tips on using a bioethanol fireplace. Source: YouTube / Imaginfires

1. Fireplace, Ponton: urban campfire look

The small bioethanol fireplace Ponton Fireplace by the designer Wolf Udo Wagner is functional and minimalistic. It provides its users with an urban campfire look both indoors and outdoors. To be able to view the blazing fire from all sides, the stainless-steel combustion chamber is integrated into a glass cylinder. In this way, the fire seems to float in the glass. With a height of 27.5 centimetres, the small bioethanol fireplace is ideal for table use.

2. Fire Coffee Table, Planika: small bioethanol fireplace for a coffee break

The manufacturer Planika has come up with a real highlight, which is also a small bioethanol fireplace with the Fire Coffee Table.

Planika thus once again underlines the architectural significance of fireplaces for interior design. With a table size of 118 centimetres by 42 centimetres, the fireplace was integrated on the tabletop in a laterally shifted position so that the table offers sufficient storage space. Because the tabletop is made of either natural chipboard or lacquered MFD board, a glass cylinder provides the necessary protection for the flames. The built-in fuel tank has a capacity of 1.5 litres and is located directly under the table surface.

Create the right mood with the Fire Coffee Table. Source: YouTube / PlanikaTV - Automatic Gas & Ethanol Fireplaces

3. Roll Fire, Conmoto: A circular bioethanol fireplace

Designer Michael Sieger designed the 65-centimetre wide, glazed indoor fireplace ROLL FIRE by a designer furniture manufacturer, Conmoto. The special feature of this fireplace is that it can be rolled through the room – even when the fire is burning.

The necessary stability is provided by a black body made of two powder-coated rings, which are covered with a protective jacket made of felt. This prevents damage to the floor even when rolling. With a capacity of 1.5 litres, you can enjoy the lovely fire for up to five hours. And if you prefer to hang the fireplace on the wall, you can do so with a special wall mount.

4. Muro, Conmoto: A fireplace made of glass fibre concrete

The design furniture manufacturer Conmoto presents a square variant of a bioethanol fireplace with the Muro model. Designer Sebastian David Büscher has developed a fireplace that combines concrete with glass.

Its material and rectangular shape make it ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Depending on the customer's wishes, Muro is available in heights of 58 centimetres or 70 centimetres. Installations are not required here either.

5. Globe, Vauni: An elegant hemisphere without a fireplace

The bioethanol fireplace Globe by the Swedish manufacturer Vauni is a fireplace in the shape of an elegant hemisphere, which does not need a chimney. The manufacturer has taken care to ensure that the bioethanol fireplace blends in Scandinavian and every other type of interior style.

Classic designs in white, grey and anthracite, as well as limited colours such as red, rust or dark blue, are available. With a filling quantity of two litres of bioethanol, the manufacturer promises a burning time of up to seven hours. Although Globe is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the manufacturer recommends storing it indoors.

Modern bioethanol fireplaces are similar in technical construction but show an interesting range of designs for a variety of uses.

If you are looking for a fireplace without tedious installation, you are sure to find a fireplace that would suit your lifestyle.

Which of the five models do you like best and what do you think about the idea of an indoor fireplace? Write to us!

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David Azzopardi 26.12.2020  |  0:36

The Fireplace Vauni is so so beautiful. can I know the price and if it is shipped to Malta?

G-Pulse Editorial Team 12.01.2021  |  17:08

Dear David,
we linked the website to Vauni in the article. You can as well find it here. There you’ll have all information on the fireplace Globe.
Best regards,
G-Pulse Editorial Team


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