Beyond parking spaces: Smart garage, or smart hobby room?

Maybe you’re an ambitious DIY fiend, or just the occasional handy person. It doesn’t matter: your garage is the best place to pursue these hobbies in peace. Should you prefer to park your car outside, there’s even space for more than just a workbench. In fact, you’ve got a very versatile and robust environment all around you. If something doesn’t go as planned, you don’t have to worry about major damage. And in fact, a smart garage can add yet another layer of robust practicality.

as planned, you don’t have to worry about major damage. And in fact, a smart garage can add yet another layer of robust practicality.

Open the door, turn on the light, without lifting a finger

Opening your smart garage door is easy, and we’re not talking about doing it by hand. These days, you can control the door of your garage very conveniently by using the Gira home station. With an integrated switching actuator, you can program it to open the door of your garage simply by pressing a button.

smart garage
smart garage gira home station

Smart garages aren’t really smart without intelligent lighting, such as those that come on the moment you enter. Furthermore, brightness levels can easily be regulated thanks to the Gira motion detector Cube, which can boast a detection angle of 360°. Think about it: they light will stay on for as long as you’re tinkering away on your workbench, leaving you free to concentrate.


Another advantage is that when you do leave the garage, the light goes off automatically. There’s no need to worry about unnecessary power consumption, either.

Our tip: When planning your garage, make sure that your workbench and the engine and boot of your vehicle are adequately illuminated. You should allow for at least three light sources, depending on the size of the premises.

Gira motion detectors for smart garage

Suitable sockets for the smart garage

You’ll need electricity in your smart garage. Whether it's a drill, circular saw or angle grinder - sockets are essential for the operation of most equipment. Your socket outlets should, however, be robust. With water-protected surface-mounted socket outlets of protection types IP44 (protection against splashing water and solid objects >1 millimetre) or IP66 (a seal prevents the penetration of water and dust), Gira offers a break-proof version made of plastic that is resistant to oil, grease, fuels and chemicals. The SCHUKO socket outlets are equipped with a hinged cover, which can even be locked.


Another thing to keep in mind is the location of your socket outlets. We’d recommend having them somewhere near the door, at a height of 1.10 metres for installation. This height ensures that there’ll be no damage, even if you drive your car a little close. It also means that you can power equipment such as shredders, hedge trimmers and lawnmowers quite easily if you put sockets near the door.

Our tip: Even before kitting out your smart garage, think about which and how many devices you will need for your work.

smart garage with Gira water-protected, surface-mounted socket outlet

Optimal heating in the smart garage: Infrared radiation against the cold

Especially when the weather outside is bad, DIY is a nice alternative to outdoor activities. But as soon as the temperature drops, garages get chilly. Heating is therefore a must but should be adapted to the special conditions of the room. In contrast to living spaces, garages are usually poorly insulated. Many aren’t insulated at all. That’s why infrared heating can be useful.


Unlike conventional heating systems, infrared heats objects and people instead of the room air. This means enjoying a pleasant room temperature in your garage within no time.

By the way: A constant air temperature is also beneficial for your vehicle. According to experts, a garage heater can prevent rust and damage to paintwork and also extends the life of the car battery. So, a heating system in the garage is worth twice as much.

Smart garage infraread heating
radiant heater for smart garage

What about speakers?

Lots of people need music when they work, even if it’s just DIY. The robust Sonos Move Smart Speaker, for example, ensures optimal entertainment in your garage while you work. The outdoor jukebox isn’t just waterproof, but pretty sturdy and resistant to dust. It’s perfectly prepared for when things get a bit turbulent at your workbench.


No WiFi in the garage? No problem - with Sonos Move you can easily stream via Bluetooth. The long-lasting battery gives you up to 10 hours of wireless music. And it comes with Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa. So you can easily control the Move by voice control. And that is particularly valuable here: After all, your hands are rarely free when working.

Easily stream your music via Bluetooth. Source: YouTube / Sonos Move

Setting up a smart garage with these pieces of equipment will ensure that you’ve got the optimal working environment for your hobbies. All of

this equipment ensures that you have a great hobby room, without having to put that much effort into it. This means you can easily focus on what matters: getting the work done!

Have you already converted your garage into a hobby room? Share your tips and experiences with us in the comments!

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