Best of G-Pulse 2020: These are the highlights of the year

An exciting year lies behind us: we have shared with you new interior trends, fascinating architectural projects and exciting Smart Home innovations, along with practical tips on the subject of building & renovation.

Your likes, shares and comments on our blog and social media channels have shown us which topics have grabbed your attention and particularly inspired you this year. Take a look back with us at the five most popular G-Pulse articles of 2020.

Are modern Smart Home devices really making housework easier?

The most liked article this year was our roundup of best Smart Home gadgets to help you with some of the most tedious household chores. Cleaning, laundry, ironing – running a household can sometimes feel more like running in circles. And this is why in this article, we shared a few Smart Home devices to ease your endless burden of housework. These devices can relieve you of a lot of work and help keep your household running effortlessly and comfortably, leaving you more time to devote to other important and beautiful things in life.

How a historic London townhouse was converted into an ultra-modern Smart Home

Wondering what can be achieved in older homes with smart technology? This article about the transformation of a period property in the heart of London depicts how modern-day energy efficiency, security and comfort standards are realized, thanks to intelligent Smart Home technology.

The renovators of this property opted for a powerful KNX installation designed to simplify and streamline all building management processes, from lighting and entertainment to alarm and door communication.

Using the touch-screen panel of the Gira G1 console, the residents can now access many of their home’s technical applications and configure settings with just a few taps on the display. The setup is completed with smart switches that make it even easier to control all of the building’s technology. The users can configure the Gira KNX push switches with custom functions and call up these functions manually as and when necessary.

3D printed homes: A sustainable solution for residential construction

Think 3D printing is the stuff of science fiction? Think again: all around the world, people are already living in homes produced with 3D printing technology. In this article, we shared how 3D printed homes are proving to be an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional construction methods.

Such building projects are attractive and viable building option for companies, architects and urban planners who wish to make construction possible on a vast scale. Also, find out how 3D printed houses are a sustainable way to provide affordable living space for our ever-growing population.

Greener living: Bring nature into your home with the latest plant trends

If you wish to add a touch of greenery in your living spaces but don’t know where to start from, read this article on creative ideas to bring nature into your home.

From botanicals in the bathroom and air-purifying plants in the bedroom to vertical herb gardens on the balcony: Plants are a great natural way to refresh your interior. In this round-up of the latest plant trends, we shared our favourite indoor plants and ideas to help you turn your home into a green indoor garden.

Surface-mounted solutions: New switch designs for easy retrofitting in your home

Switches and sockets are not always available where they are needed in everyday life. Surface-mounted solutions are thus particularly suitable for rooms in which you want to retrofit switches and socket outlets without prying open the walls.

With the Gira surface-mounted design lines, you can easily expand your existing electrical installation.

In this article, find out how surface-mounted switches help you bring functions to the wall where flush-mounted cables or boxes are not installed. Thanks to the wide range of design variants by Gira, you remain flexible in terms of appearance and function as well.

So, there you have it! Our best performing content pieces of 2020. Thank you all for reading our content, commenting on your favourite pieces and engaging with us continually on our blog and social media channels.

We will keep on sharing more useful ideas and interesting trends from the world of interiors, architecture, building and smart living. Here’s wishing you a very happy new year from all of us at G-Pulse.

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