Best of G-Pulse 2018: Our Highlights of the Year

2018 was another exciting year for G-Pulse: We’ve kept you up to speed with the latest trends and shared countless helpful tips on topics such as building, lifestyle and technology, and we’ve reported on fascinating architecture and design projects from around the world. We’ve given you exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the homes of interior bloggers, interviewed too many interesting people to mention, and reported to you live from international events. Based on your likes, shares and comments on our online magazine and across our social media channels, we’ve worked out which G-Pulse articles really grabbed your attention this year. Here’s our list of your top ten.

1. Alpine style: A home for a couple making the most of their retirement

The most-read article this year was a Gira case study: In an idyllic setting at the edge of Trata at Velesovo in Slovenia, a retired couple has fulfilled a lifelong dream – by building their own Smart Home tailored to their needs. The Alpine-style architecture blends in perfectly with its surroundings, while the cutting-edge technology will enable the residents to live independently and safely in their own homes for longer. From your responses, we can see that the topic of the Smart Home in later life is something that you’re interested in – so we’ll publish more G-Pulse articles on how modern building technology can be used to facilitate independent and safe living for older generations in 2019.

Smart home in the alpines: The old aged couple try to enjoy every second of their life in the peaceful but modern house

2. Overcoming a socket shortage: How to make more space for your electrical appliances

Is your house suffering a shortage of power sockets, or are your sockets positioned in awkward locations, rather than in the places where you actually need them?

In this article, we explained how you can solve this problem by adding new sockets – without the inconvenience of building work and with no messy tangled cables.

A Socket shortage is a common problem in the kitchen

3. Small bathroom ideas: Create more with less

If you want to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your small bathroom, our small bathroom design ideas will help you get the most out of your space.

In this article – published in October – we shared six tips and tricks to help you plan your perfect bathroom. Why not take another look – maybe you’ll find even more inspiration this time round!

Small Bathroom Ideas

4. Green Living Space: Maximum comfort in mini prefab homes

Living space in urban areas is limited, but a compact home can be an attractive alternative; the “Green Living Space” project is the perfect example. This sustainable home with a Scandinavian vibe can comfortably fit up to 12 guests, thanks to its flexible, multi-purpose furniture.

Smart KNX technology further enhances comfort while minimising the ecological footprint. The tiny house can even fit on a truck and easily be moved - and it’s installed within hours. Find out more in the article from June.

Green Living Space

5. Amazing bridges: It’s about the journey, not the destination

Bridges exist to connect two places with one another. But our awe-inspiring examples from all over the world demonstrated that bridges can also be an architectural statement. The world’s greatest bridges have one thing in common:

They are a sight in and of themselves. They attract tourists and offer a public space for exploration and movement. These masterpieces in bridge construction demonstrate that it’s about the journey rather than the destination. Revisit one of this year’s most popular articles and rediscover five amazing bridges.

Source: Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Official Channel / YouTube

6. A new year with fresh colours: 2018 colour trends

Each year, colour institute Pantone announces its colour of the year. In 2017, natural colours like green, blue and grey were the go-to choices, but 2018 had a surprise in store with a completely different colour direction:

Pantone chose ultra violet as its colour of the year. The trendy colour was adopted by designers and major labels and has been omnipresent in the interior design and fashion industries this year. Visit G-Pulse early next year to find out what colour has been chosen as 2019’s colour of the year.

7. Lagom living: The Scandi trend set to replace hygge

Hot on the heels of Danish lifestyle trend hygge, lagom is the latest in a wave of concepts to make its way from Scandinavia and into central Europe, with a promise of making us all happier and more satisfied with our lives. Unlike its Danish predecessor, lagom is not a style or about creating a certain feeling –

it’s a way of life. If you live lagom, you strive to find a happy medium between minimalism and consumerism, and live a moderate, balanced and fair life. Our article, originally published in summer, explained what’s behind the concept of lagom living, and how you can bring more lagom into your home. Take another look at our article for even more inspiration and design ideas for your home.

Lagom living trend example: the grey cushions compliment the beautiful flowers

8. Small Size Premium Spa: A relaxing spa experience in even the smallest bathrooms

A luxurious spa within six square meters? “Small Size Premium Spa” is a relaxing spa experience for even the smallest of bathrooms.

Despite its compact dimensions, the concept is packed full of innovation and smart technology. It includes a rain shower and a steam bath and the LED lighting can be programmed to have a broad variety of scenarios; a beautiful glass wall separates the ‘wet zone’ and the ‘dry zone’. Take another look at the amazing project in this article.

9. Gira System 55: A modular system with endless combinations

In many homes, multiple extension sockets are the only solution that enables residents to power all of the electrical appliances they use on a daily basis – but the resulting tangle of cables doesn’t to anything for the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Gira System 55 can convert a simple power socket into a multifunctional power bar without having to drill into the wall. Its modular design allows for over 300 functions, including light switches, USB-ports, flush-mounted radios and door communication systems. The system is compatible with six Gira design lines and offers eight colour option, ensuring that it fits your interior.

The new Gira E2 matt black

10. imm cologne 2018: The latest interior trends at the international furniture and interiors fair

In January each year, imm cologne celebrates the start of the new interior season. The furniture and interiors fair in Cologne is a meeting point for interior specialists and designers from all over the world,

showcasing the trends that will shape interior design for the coming year. This year, Gira hosted its own stand at the event, showing how technology can be designed to complement your interior. Read our article to find out what else was on the programme at imm cologne 2018.

Source: Gira / YouTube

So there you have it: We’ve come to the end of another year of G-Pulse. Thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed our articles this year –

we look forward to inspiring you in 2019 and beyond with all the latest news and trends from the worlds of architecture, interior design and the Smart Home. A very happy new year from all of us at G-Pulse!

Which article did you enjoy most this year? Share your G-Pulse highlights with us.

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