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Design-agency creates beautiful outdoor jungle office for hot summer days

In these tropical temperatures, what could be better than a cool workspace under the dense natural shade of the trees, surrounded by greenery and nature? For the designers at Indigo Jungle, this sounded like the perfect office – so they created an idyllic oasis nestled among subtropical plants in Brisbane, Australia. From original plans to construct a simple wooden shed to use during the creative design phase, the agency designers ended up taking inspiration from their surroundings and created something much more special: A glimmering iconic studio tucked away in the jungle-esque garden of company owner Vanessa Cribb.

A tropical home office garden

For architect Angus Munro from Marc & Co, one thing about this brief was certain from the outset:

An agency that is all about interior architecture and interior designneeds an office that does its business justice.

In his client’s wild tropical garden, Munro constructed a home office studio befitting of the Indigo Jungle name. From the outside, the building is an experimental dark-coloured prism, which opens out into a bright and generously proportioned temple of purity and simplicity, paying tribute to the nature that surrounds it. The playful zig-zag pattern and slanting profiles of the dark-blue exterior complement the natural setting without overshadowing its beauty. The glass panels on the north face of the building are shaded from the sun by dense foliage; a large white door on the southern side welcomes you into this unconventional yet inviting home office studio.

Light, airy and contemporary: Designed for wellbeing

Even if you take away the fairy-tale-like jungle setting, the building’s considered interior design is guaranteed to inspire. The high ceilings and white walls immediately create a sense of calm and wellbeing. The light interior surfaces are both elegant and solid, contrasting beautifully with the blue-grey mosaic flooring. The zig-zag theme of the exterior is masterfully integrated into the interior room design and built-in slanted wall shelves. The positioning of the black-framed symmetrical windows is equally well-thought-out, with integrated internal shades to prevent the sunlight from reflecting onto computer screens.

The triangular recesses in the walls house the individual desks, which provide inspiring views of the palms and the natural jungle out of the window. Additional desks can be folded out between the individual recesses.

Green home office studio boosts creativity

With its puristic, natural design, this home office studio is a paradise in which to ponder, create and design. In spite of its streamlined shape and modern design, the studio blends superbly into its tropical surroundings and has an almost spiritual ambience to inspire its occupants to create.

Even if your back door doesn’t open onto a jungle paradise – never mind your own incredible home office studio – the “home office in the garden” idea might be something to think about when your motivation has run dry in your stifling city office.

Have you built your own home office at the bottom of the garden, or do you want to share your ideas or upcoming plans for your own green home studio? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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