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Wallpaper for your bathroom: the latest interior trend

Thinking about tiling your bathroom in plain white? Think again – because there's a new trend on the scene. The bathroom is playing an increasingly more important aesthetic role in the home, and has become a wellness oasis: A place to unwind and take some time out from the stresses of everyday life. This trend is reflected on the walls: You can now buy special wallpaper designed specifically for use in wet areas like the bathroom. If you're interested in finding out more about using fleece wallpaper to give your bathroom a makeover, you've come to the right place: Read on to find out how you can transform your bathroom walls into an attractive feature of your home.


Splashing water, misted-up mirrors, steaming-hot showers? No problem!

Decorators have traditionally avoided using wallpaper in bathrooms, as conventional products were unable to cope with the elevated levels of moisture in the room. While it's true that not all wallpapers are an appropriate choice for the bathroom, you can now purchase wet room wallpaper specially designed for use in this environment. Wallpaper is now available in so many distinctive designs that there is sure to be something to satisfy even the most unusual and outlandish tastes. Just make sure that your new walls go with your flooring, as going all out with crazy colour combinations can make your room look chaotic.


Gira E2

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Turn your bathroom into your very own wellness oasis. Source: Villeroy & Boch

To help you avoid this mistake, we've explained the main differences between the various types of wallpaper available for your bathroom below:

1. Fleece Wallpaper

Fleece wallpaper is a great choice for the bathroom. The carrier material contains high-quality cellulose fibres, which are smooth and tear-resistant, preventing the paper from expanding or shrinking when it comes into contact with water. Fleece wallpaper is also washable, making it ideal for the bathroom.

2. Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is also an excellent option for bathroom walls. Comprised of a layer of paper and a layer of PVC, the wallpaper produces a durable and dirt-resistant finish. It's also washable thanks to the PVC layer, making it a popular choice for bathrooms.

3. Fibreglass Wallpaper

Fibreglass wallpaper is exceptionally durable and can be painted over up to ten times. It is made from industrially manufactured fibreglass and is completely impervious to water and heat, making it another great choice for bathrooms.

An easy way to make a big impact

Compared to tiling, wallpapering a bathroom is actually an incredibly easy task. Before you start hanging your new vinyl, fibreglass or fleece wallpaper, it's important to ensure that the wall is smooth, even and free of residue. Smooth and prime newly plastered walls before papering. Many wallpapers that are specially designed for use in bathrooms are not hung with conventional adhesive: For fibreglass wallpapers, for example, you'll need a special dispersion adhesive, while fleece wallpapers are affixed with a special paste that you apply directly to the wall. With such a wide range of colour choices, patterns and finishes to choose from, you can use wallpaper to transform your bathroom into an interior design feature. Many fleece wallpapers are available with smooth and textured finishes.

With bathroom wallpaper, and the right fittings and smart bathroom lighting, you can create a unique oasis of serenity and relaxation in your home.

The only limit is your imagination!

Bathroom wallpaper is an exceptionally versatile way to decorate your bathroom, allowing you to combine new colours and patterns with various types of flooring. If you're just looking for a quick refresh rather than a full-scale bathroom renovation, you can opt for decorative tile stickers or add a border to your existing wallpaper. You can also use special latex paint or a polymer dispersion coating to make standard wallpapers water-resistant, enabling you to add 3D effects or decorative wall stickers to your bathroom.

Want to find out more about the latest wallpaper trends for other parts of your home? Browse G-Pulse for even more great wall design tips.

Which type of wallpaper would you use in your bathroom? Or do you prefer to stick with trusty tiles? Let us know in the comments!

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