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From loud brights to soft pastels: New on-trend bathroom colours

Colour is an essential element of our homes, conveying emotion and creating the illusion of depth in interior spaces. At ISH 2019[DK1], the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC and water, it was impossible to escape the latest bathroom colours. Like many other exhibitors, Messe Frankfurt and the German Sanitary Industry Association (VDS) showcased the latest colour trends on their “Pop up my Bathroom” platform, showing visitors how colour can be used to give a bathroom a whole new look.

Bathroom colours: A makeover in on-trend hues

Coral red, accents in orange and yellow, deep blue and green hues: The latest colour trends in the interior design world prove that colour really is back on the menu. Until now, the only exception was the bathroom, where neutral colour palettes, wooden accessories and touches of gold, copper and rose gold have previously dominated design. Jens J. Wischmann, Managing Director of the German Sanitary Industry Association (VDS), believes that this era of bathroom décor has finally come to an end. Bathrooms are set to become our own personal in-home spa retreats – and colour is an essential element of this new guise: “Colourful surfaces have been around for a long time. But now colour is increasingly being used in a more daring way, and it’s no longer restricted to surfaces.”

In addition to walls, bath tubs, sinks and bathroom furniture and textiles are now getting a colourful design makeover. Ultimately, you decide how traditional, elegant or bright you want your bathroom to be.

On-trend colours: Make your bathroom all about you

There’s no one “Colour of the Year” for the bathroom – because this is a space where diversity and variety are top of the agenda. At ISH 2019, we saw that established bathroom design concepts can now be challenged: Bright primary colours like red and yellow are now right on trend, and combinations of clashing tones are encouraged. Green, blue and darker shades like violet – Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018 – are capable of transforming the humble, functional bathroom into a unique, elegant and relaxing space.

In response to this trend towards individuality, Villeroy and Boch have launched their new colour-on-demand concept. This concept enables customers to choose bathroom fixtures and fittings – such as the freestanding bath tubs from the Squaro Edge 12 or Loop&Friends series – in up to 200 favourite colours from the Pantone colour palette. Ultimately, the modules based on the colour palette combine to form a harmonious overall design concept.

Bathroom colours have a relaxing atmosphare.
Bathroom colours are close to trend colours of the year.
White and blue are a good example for bathroom colours.

Tonal colour concepts

If you prefer to tone things down in the bathroom, how about a harmonious tonal colour concept instead, using different shades of your favourite bathroom colour? This approach allows you to create your own unique design, but also lends an air of calm sophistication to your bathroom: Powdery pastels, sandy creams or deep-green rainforest shades are popular tonal combinations. The concept works particularly well in small bathrooms: The shadows create an illusion of depth, making small spaces appear larger.

Glorious greens: In harmony with nature

The colour trends proposed by various organisations for 2020 prove that green is here to stay.

From elegant leafy shades and faded pastels to futuristic neo mint, all shades of glorious green are a great choice for the bathroom.

They serve not only to create a homely and welcoming atmosphere, but also symbolise an intentional connection to nature and the environment in which we live.

Grey: The new white

If you’re still keen to stick to a timeless classic, you can’t go wrong with grey in the bathroom. The full range of grey shades is replacing the ubiquitous white that once dominated the bathroom. Whether you combine it with blue, yellow or violet, grey works well with all other colours, drawing warmth or coolness from the shades surrounding it – making it a classic choice that is anything but boring. Our tip: It’s a good idea to test out various shades of grey before decorating. Paint a small surface to see how the shade looks in your room before deciding on your perfect grey.

Grey is the new white for bathroom colours.
Bathroom colours bring a part of nature in your bathroom.
Bathroom colours are very different to each other.

On-trend bathroom colours: A bright colour palette to suit any taste

There are no limits when it comes to bathroom design – if you can imagine it, you can create it. Jens J. Wischmann from the VDS agrees: “The sector is positioning itself to cater to any taste. It’s all about improving the quality of the bathroom experience – and the ability to offer a huge range of colour options is a key part of delivering this experience.”

We’re glad to see colour playing a bigger part in bathroom design and helping to transform the bathroom into a welcoming personal wellness oasis. Now, with individual decorative elements and stylish fittings, you can create the bathroom of your dreams.

Which trendy bathroom colour could you imagine in your home? Which hues could brighten up your bathroom?

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