Autumn colours for 2021: surprisingly different

After the end of summer, a warm atmosphere requires more than good heating. With some stylish highlights, you can keep up your spirits even when it storms outside.

The Dulux Colour Forecast 2021 gave us insight into the popular colour schemes for autumn in 2021: subtle, natural hues that invite you to get creative.

Fall 2021: a season of peace and quiet

While red and berry colours were trending last year, now it’s all about soft neutral tones – from powdery cream white and beige to brown and green hues, including Morocco Tan and Olive Blend. Soft, earthy colours exude a sense of calmness and relaxation. Darker shades, on the other hand, add visual depth and new layers. Open living and dining areas, as well as kitchens, hallways, and bedrooms will appear even more spacious and homely.

Collage with colour trends for fall 2021

Autumn colours with a personal touch

The best part about unobtrusive shades? They leave ample room for your own ideas. For example, a creamy velvet white together with a darker tone provides a perfect background for your centrepieces – whether it be furniture or seasonal decorations.

You can also mix different interior styles within the same room. Combined with structured textiles, bright wood, and warm light, the earthy colours of autumn 2021 will give your home a cosy feel.

dining room with white furniture
Beige vases on white wooden table
wooden chair covered by beige blanket

Small details that make a big difference

On the wall, you can add subtle accents such as elegant light switches in matching frames. Variants from the Gira Esprit design line in light grey, light brown, bronze, or aluminium light gold underscore the natural charm of your seasonal colour scheme.

Likewise, Gira E2 switches switches will blend in harmoniously: variants in grey matt or black matt work particularly well against a light backdrop.

Extra tip: Not sure which colours and switch frames to choose? With the Gira design configurator, you can try out all possible combinations.

Gira System 3000 Touchaufsatz. +

Gira Esprit

15 colour variants, innovative design, sustainable materials: Gira Esprit switches meet the highest quality standards.

Many facets, natural materials: Gira Esprit switch frames made from linoleum-plywood. Source: Gira

Gira E2

Minimalist design for any interior style: Gira E2 switches stand out with their simple, yet sophisticated aesthetics.

Switches from the Gira E2 design line have a timelessly modern appeal. Source: Gira

Taking the autumn colour pallet one step further

Thus far, all shades presented keep it rather calm and low-key. This does not equal boring though: Pantone's trend forecast predicts a mix of pastel hues and bold contrasts. Thus, Creme White Coconut Cream, Blond-Beige Soybean, and Olive Branch are complemented by Red Alert, Daylily, Green Bee, and two familiar faces: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, Pantone’s colours of the year 2021.

White Coconut Cream, Blond-Beige Soybean, and Olive Branch are complemented by Red Alert, Daylily, Green Bee, and two familiar faces: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, Pantone's colours of the year 2021.

Fall cosiness thanks to smart tech

A stylish interior will turn your home into a peaceful oasis that brightens your mood during rainy November days. For that extra bit of comfort, you can rely on smart devices. Customised light scenes, perfect temperatures in every room, relaxing music via voice command – s connected system will make you feel good, no matter how unpleasant the weather. It can also lower your monthly bills to a considerable degree: intelligent heating control stops running whenever the desired temperature is reached, ensuring that you won’t spend any unnecessary energy.

Colour trends from autumn to winter 2021: a sneak peek

According to Pantone and Deluxe, lighter shades will continue to dominate the interior scene throughout the cold season. Darker nuances are to be expected as well: deep ocean blue, rich green, and earthy auburn. Along with matching carpets, fluffy pillows, and snug armchairs, this colour pallet will keep your home in style towards the end of the year.

Bed with grey sheets against dark green wall

What interior trend is your favourite this season? Tell us which colour trends for autumn 2021 have inspired you the most!

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