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2019’s autumn colours: Deep, earthy tones add warmth to dreary days

As the days get shorter and the leaves on the trees turn wonderful shades of gold and red, we often start to feel an urge to retreat into the warm and cosy confines of home. Autumn is a good time to bring the rich, warm tones of the outdoors into your own living space. Earthy autumn colours are a down-to-earth, calming and comforting presence when the skies are grey – and when you just want to hide away and hibernate to escape the hectic pace of life for a little while.

Warm, earthy colours: Feel-good fall trends

As their name suggests, earthy tones create a down-to-earth and natural feel.


A nature-inspired colour palette – which ranges from creamy sand-coloured tones and shades of grey to bolder reds and browns – evokes the element of earth and exudes a comforting warmth. In interior design, adding a touch more grey or yellow to your chosen shade creates a warmer or cooler effect. Softer natural colours create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Their simplicity and unobtrusive, subtle nature are what makes earthy tones so versatile. But, as with every colour and interior trend, success doesn’t just come down to having the right ingredients: It’s also about how you mix them.

the elephant armchair and table represent a good combination of autum colours

Warm wall colours complement any interior style

This autumn, earthy shades with a high proportion of red are particularly on trend. These shades are at the warmer end of the spectrum and naturally create a welcoming, homely feel in any room. Even a cool loft with a contemporary industrial theme becomes instantly more inviting with the addition of muted reds and pinks among the exposed concrete and dark wood floors.

Combined with neutrals such as grey, beige and white, a muted red-orange wall will make any interior look more dynamic. The streamlined Gira E2 design line in black matt is the perfect contrasting addition to an autumnal feature wall. A powdery terracotta shade combined with darker accent colours such as lava red works well with light nude shades such as sand and cream. Bolder earthy colours – inspired by cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamom, for example – are perfect for communal spaces where you can while away the hours with friends.

Spiced honey on the wall behind chairs and tables.

Functional design in warm autumn colours

Today’s designers are also seeking inspiration from a warm and natural colour palette. The Plant Box by Danish brand Ferm Living is the perfect shade of rusty brown for an autumnal colour scheme. The minimalist metal container can also be used as a storage box or room divider to add colour and structure to your design concept.

In the new edition of the Hide Pedestal shelf unit, German designer Karoline Fesser has opted for a rust-coloured finish on the geometric powder-coated steel body.

The Elephant Wood Chair by Italian label Kristalia is another great example of simple and functional design. The slim wooden legs and wide seat in natural colours such as olive green and rust red complement the “lagom balanced” design.

the elephant armchair is availabe in different autumn colours
the classic catifa chair by Arper is available in different autumn colours
Dining table with coral red curtains in background.
a box as living accessoiry in one of the autumn colours brown

Bringing nature indoors: Pair earthy colours with natural materials

Earthy colour schemes work best when paired with natural materials: Light and dark wood, leather and natural stone will showcase the down-to-earth shades in their best light. You can also adopt a tonal approach to accent colours by using harmonious, subtly different shades.

Walnut furniture, for example, has a naturally multi-tonal grain that incorporates a range of warm brown shades. Soft textured throws and natural-fibre or fur rugs will make your space more homely. The Gira Esprit design line made from sustainable linoleum multiplex is the perfect finishing touch for your walls.

view on bicyle on wall

So now you’re ready for autumn! Using warm, earthy colours, you can create a space that is guaranteed to make you feel comforted and energised even on the greyest of autumn days. And for even more comfort and convenience, consider adding Smart Home technology to your home.

With atmospheric light scenes, the perfect room climate and music all accessible at the touch of a button, all that’s left for you to do this autumn is sit back and relax. The Gira Design Configurator is designed to provide inspiration and practical help when planning your interior.

How are you getting your home ready for autumn? Share your favourite colour combinations in the comments.

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