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Easy, Automatic Blinds: Via app, switch or voice command

It's not much work to raise or lower a blind or shutter. Not in a small house or apartment, at least. It's a bit different if you have a larger property and especially if you're older or have limited physical mobility. That's why intelligent home automation with automatic blinds offers a convenient option to handle these tasks for you.

Thrice worthwhile: More comfort, security & less energy spent

Automatic blinds go far beyond being just a fancy gimmick. It basically simplifies a rather tedious chore, but it does far more than that.

For example, when on holiday you can simulate your presence by continuing to open and close your shutters. This is a great way of deterring potential burglar. And of course, it can help to regulate the temperature in summertime and ensure you’re not wasting precious energy. During the night, closed blinds can ensure optimal insulation.

Woman shades automatic blind control

Automatic blinds mean your smart home thinks for you

Electronic blind systems are as varied as their possibilities. Some automated solutions are connected with other technical components. This example can be seen in the sensors that record solar radiation, causing awnings, shutters and blinds to automatically extend or relapse depending on the weather. Using Gira System 3000, you can also link this system to a weather station. You can even connect your automatic blinds to a weather station, which in turn records precipitation, outside temperature

and wind. That way, your blinds can determine their own optimal positioning. If a storm is brewing on the horizon, they’ll pre-emptively retract to safety.

Timers can also be handy, especially if you want to set different times during the week. Gira System 3000 has an integrated memory and astro function. Additionally, it can switch between summer and winter time.

automatic blind control bedroom blinds

Wireless blind control: The simplest solution for retrofitting

Smart tech can also be installed in older buildings and even rented properties. Retrofitting wireless RF systems is easy and with Gira System 3000, you've got an integrated Bluetooth function which is perfect for retrofitting. With the Gira eNet SMART HOME wireless system, you've

got a range of intelligent and versatile functions for controlling blinds. This program can also control privacy and sun protection, as well as activate presence simulation. Best of all, it can be controlled from your app or smartphone.

autoamatic blind control Gira G1

Always ready: App-controlled blinds

Electronic blinds, shutters, awnings, wireless RF or KNX wiring: regardless of the tech, it can all easily be controlled via app. You don’t even need to be home to do it. Using Gira Smart Home Apps in

combination with the Gira X1 mini server or Gira HomeServer you’ve got easy and convenient blind control right in your pocket. For pure wireless control, the Gira eNet SMART HOME App facilities this in a data-secure manner.

automatic blind control Gira X1 server

Even better: Voice-controlled blinds

No phone or tablet in reach? Too far from the switch? Using a Gira KNX system, you can simply command your blinds by voice control either through the Gira HomeServer or the Gira X1 mini server. Both are

compatible with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant and the Google Assistant. The wireless Gira eNet SMART HOME offers the same connection to both voice assistants, making blind control as simple as ever.

Automatic blind control man

Whether as a shade provider, privacy, heat or burglary protection: with smart building technology for blind control you remain flexible and are prepared for all situations. shows you which technology can also make your smart everyday life easier. According to your living situation and wishes, the online configurator provides

personalised tips and suggestions for the technical equipment of your home.

Whether you want shade, privacy or protection from burglars, smart building technology offers the best form of blind control and allows you to remain flexible and prepared for all situations. Take a look at to find out more about the different forms of control for your blinds.

Already have automatic blinds in your home? How has it improved your life? Let us know in the comments!

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