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Atmospheric lighting

Light steers the human biorhythm

The human biorhythm is used to the cycles of light and dark. While dawn wakes us up, dusk signals that it is time to go to bed. Innovative lighting concepts follow this principle – for example with dimmable atmospheric lighting. Modern light management can help to simulate the natural progression of daylight in every living space. For instance, wake-up lamps simulate the sunrise. These lamps radiate soft, warm colours while their light intensity slowly increases.

How do light and colours affect people?

For many people, light has a positive effect on their state of mind. This hardly comes as a surprise – as we much prefer summer with its long, bright days over the cold, grey winter months. The right interior lighting gives us a pleasant feeling of well-being within our own four walls − no matter what time of day or year. Just as light, colours also have a psychological effect on us. Although the effect that colours have depends on every individual’s personal preferences and experiences, some typical effects can be assigned to different colours.

Dimming technology for atmospheric lighting

New elegance on the wall - The Gira G1. Source: Gira

Red, yellow or green?

Red tones are very vigorous and have an active and dynamic effect. But because it is a warning colour, it can also trigger unrest. Yellow and orange light have an inviting and warm effect; when combined with a red shade the illusion of a sunset can be created in your own living room. We associate green tones with nature; they have a calming and relaxing effect. Therefore, this colour is often used in rooms intended for relaxation. In contrast, blue tones are often perceived as cold and unwelcoming, but they can enhance the ability to concentrate. In most cases, completely illuminating all living spaces with colour is not necessary. Accent lighting is often enough to put a focus on certain areas, or to create a preferred mood and atmosphere.

Dimming: light intensity tailored to your needs

Modern lighting concepts offer limitless design possibilities. Both dimming options and the interplay of colours play a decisive role in this, and enable users to make their personal vision come to life in their own homes. An extensive product range and various models are available to help you turn your ideal lighting concept into a reality. Many modern LED lights can be dimmed to suit your personal preferences. But also when using conventional lights, you don’t have to do without light effects.

These lights can be “upgraded” with a dimming function. The dimmer compatibility tool by Gira can help you decide: in a short test, it will show you which combinations of dimmers and light sources fit your search criteria.

Do you like dimmable lighting or creating accents with coloured light? We look forward to receiving your comments!

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