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Pure glamour and elegance: The Art Deco interior

If sophisticated and luxury interior design is right up your street – and you love adding a touch of glamour to your everyday life – then the Art Deco interior style might be for you. This style is characterised by an extravagant use of decorative details, luxury materials and elegant and sophisticated shapes. If that sounds like music to your ears, then you’re in luck – the Art Deco interior is making a comeback.

“More is more”: The birth of the Art Deco style

Art Deco reached its peak in the middle of the roaring twenties, when people were dreaming of a better, brighter future after emerging from the dark years of the First World War. People were enjoying life, craving luxury and living by the motto of “more is more”, creating a niche for the birth of the Art Deco style as a glamourous and lavish counter-trend to the minimalist Bauhaus style.

The return to economic growth finally brought prosperity back to the people – and they were keen to show it, with the “Arts Décoratifs” using strong, often sharp lines and shapes combined with opulent, excessive decorative elements to create fashionable, highly desirable designs.

Giving priority to prestige: Exclusive materials and elegant colours

Art Deco interiors are characterised by luxury materials. In its heyday, wood, marble, unusual leathers and ivory, velvet and silk were all popular materials for art deco designs – the more exclusive and extravagant, the better. Shapes are straight and streamlined, influenced heavily by futuristic visions and classic contemporary style.

The Art Deco colour palette is dominated by light natural shades such as cream, grey and beige. Naturally elegant black – often polished to a high-shine finish – was also a popular choice. Sophisticated shades of emerald green and bordeaux red complement the otherwise neutral tones. And elements in chrome or gold are an absolute must in any Art Deco interior: Details and accents in these metallic colours can be used to add a touch of luxury to a room, or to create an elegant ambience on a larger scale on walls and surfaces.

view on a living room with art deco interior

Art Deco interior treasures for your home

Even back in the twenties, Art Deco furniture was exclusive; only the wealthy upper classes could afford to express their new, prosperous lifestyles in this way. These days, you can source restored original pieces on platforms such as, where you’ll find design classics such as the iconic H269 armchair by Czech designer Jindřich Halabala and the attractive opal glass table lamp by Mazda. A word of warning, though: Browsing through all of these Art Deco treasures is guaranteed to produce a long wish list. In addition to vintage finds, you can also source Art Deco inspiration from the world of modern design: Art Deco has made a comeback and lots of contemporary designs now incorporate elements of this popular style.

One example is the Bell Table coffee table by Sebastian Herkner. Atop the mouth-blown glass base sits a brass plate that holds a crystal glass tabletop. With its shimmering reflections and interesting material contrasts, the table is an eye-catching piece for any interior. Designers are also tweaking the classic Art Deco style to create exciting new interpretations. Casa Lumi has created a range of lights inspired by the Art Deco movement, including a new version of the previously mentioned Mazda lamp.

view on the living room with art deco interior
view on two chairs in the art deco interior design trend of the twenties, the h269 armchair by czech designer Jindřich Halabala
view on an arm chair pattern perfect part of art deco interior

Luxurious details: An essential element in the Art Deco interior

The Art Deco style is all about glamourous details and opulent, luxury materials. Whether you’re adding a few Art Deco design pieces or decorating an entire room to recreate the look and feel of the roaring twenties, it’s essential to ensure that all of your details are carefully matched and harmonised. This interior style is exclusive, so stick with a consistent theme.

The roaring twenties were a legendary epoch in 20th century history. Integrating classic vintage pieces or the latest Art-Deco-inspired designs into your home is a great way to bring the extraordinary flair of this period into your interior. Forget all about subtlety, modesty and understatement: The Art Deco interior is an open and unashamed display of opulence and luxury. So prepare to impress!



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