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Alpine style: A home for a couple making the most of their retirement

The retired couple who built this home weren’t aiming to downsize; once their children had flown the nest, they wanted to improve their home and build the perfect place to enjoy their future together. To meet the needs of the active couple – both now and in many years to come – the building was planned with their future in mind and equipped with a range of Smart Home technology. The result was a 155-square-metre new-build home that provides ample room for two. The clever design was created by architect Matej Gasperic.

The floor plan: Spacious rooms flooded with natural light

The floor plan divides the main areas of the house into three levels, separated from one another by just a few steps, creating an intriguing layout that feels spacious yet homely.

The first level – which is north-facing – is home to the bedroom with en-suite bathroom. A few steps separate the bedroom from the study; this room then leads into the adjacent kitchen and dining area. From the dining room, it’s another short few steps down into the living room. A south-facing floor-to-ceiling window provides unobstructed views of the idyllic landscape surrounding the Slovenian village. The large glass panes flood the rooms with welcoming natural light.

Smart home in the alpines: The old aged couple try to enjoy every second of their life in the peaceful but modern house
Smart home: The Kitchen is perfect to cook meals
Smart Home: The couple can relax in the living room, while reading books

Alpine tradition meets contemporary style

The interior design is perfectly coordinated with the traditional Alpine style of the building. The single-storey home was constructed on a wooden frame that integrates seamlessly into the sloping plot. The bungalow-style side block adds a spare room, bathroom and sauna to the property. The sloping pitched roof and wooden window frames are typical of the Alpine style. Inside, the new occupants have created a harmonious interior interplay of traditional elements mixed with a clean and contemporary aesthetic. The wooden floors and ceilings create an Alpine look, while white walls and a carefully curated collection of design pieces – such as the concrete stove in the living room – bring the look up to date. To maintain the modern aesthetic, the couple opted to install elegant Gira E2 design line switches in pure white. With their three-millimetre frame and flat design, the switches are a high-quality finishing touch on the walls.

A Smart Home for retirement

Energy efficiency and Smart Home technology also played a key role in the planning of the new building.

The house is equipped with a rainwater recycling system and has a low energy consumption of just 23.5 kW/(m²a).

Compared to the couple’s previous home, it’s also much smarter: The home is fitted with a KNX system to network the various building functions, enabling its residents to control functions such as the heating, blinds or alarm system centrally or remotely, obtain information on energy consumption or configure the lighting – all via the Gira HomeServer.

With all of these technologies on board, the house will be the perfect home for the owners as they approach old age. The Smart Home technologies networked by the Gira HomeServer are designed for maximum safety and comfort, and can be expanded with countless new functions The lights, for example, can be programmed to come on as soon as the occupants return home, reducing the risk of accidents or falls.

Thanks to its cutting-edge Smart Home technology, this Alpine-style home is designed to be the perfect fit for its owners’ life stage. The forward-thinking design will enable them to live independently, safely and comfortably – well into old age.

When you reach retirement, how would you like your home to help you? Let us know in the comments.

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