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Gira X1, Alexa and Sonos: A smart trio for your perfect sound

If you are on the lookout for a high-quality home audio system that is easy to install, you will have noticed that digitalisation has had a huge impact on the home electronics market. Complex system installations and lengths of extension cables have long become a thing of the past. Gira is at the forefront of this shift: Our Gira X1 mini server works seamlessly with Amazon’s Alexa and the Sonos sound system to deliver premium-quality audio to every room in your home. Now you can use your voice to control not only your home technology, but your music too.

Gira X1 and Alexa: Voice-controlled home technology

Smart technology is designed to make our lives easier – and it’s all the more useful when it’s convenient to operate.

To deliver the ultimate user-friendly experience, Gira has linked its Gira X1 mini server to Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, so that you can control your technology even if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet in your hand. The linked systems enable you to control your lighting, blinds and music using your voice – all via a single system. Alexa responds to commands such as “Dim the dining room lights by 50 percent”, “Roll down the kitchen blinds” or “Play the radio”. And because Amazon’s virtual assistant ‘lives’ in the cloud, it is constantly learning new skills and can even recognise different people from their voices.

All you need to install this linked service in your home is the Gira X1 mini server, the Gira S1 remote access module and an Amazon device with Alexa technology.

Sonos speakers

Premium audio quality: Gira X1 gets Sonos sound system on board

In autumn 2018, Gira partnered with sound system manufacturer Sonos to link the Gira X1 to the Sonos range of premium audio devices. The manufacturer’s high-quality speakers – from the Play 1 to the larger Play 5 – play everything from pop to classical to audio books in superb quality.

Your Sonos speakers and Alexa devices can be linked to your Gira X1 mini server and controlled via app; simply enter the IP address of your device in the settings menu to set up your X1 for Sonos and Alexa.

For enhanced security, Alexa is connected to the Gira X1 using the Gira S1 remote access module. The downloadable Gira instructions provide step-by-step guidance on how to set up your system.

Tip: If you’ve already got the new Sonos One with integrated Alexa technology, you can also link this device to the Gira X1 – without needing to buy any additional Amazon devices.

Alexa and Sonos fit in every homedesign.
High qualitiy music with alexa and sonos.
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Gira X1 app: For full remote control

The icing on the cake with the Gira trio – alongside all of the benefits we already mentioned – is that you can use the Gira X1 app to set the mood at home even when you’re not there. All of your connected technology can be controlled remotely via the Gira app. If you have multiple Sonos speakers installed in your living space, you can even tell the system where to play music.

You can also use the app to create scenarios in your home to control lighting, music and blinds.

Want your home to greet you with music and light when you wake up in the morning? Or switch off your lamps and music and roll down the blinds at a set time in the evening? You can do all this and more using predefined scenarios.

The Gira X1, Amazon Alexa and Sonos sound system trio not only makes it easier for you to operate your smart technology, but also delivers a premium audio experience right into your home.


Which functions would you not be able to live without in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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