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Air Plants: Living Interior Design

Indoor plants are an all-time favourite for interior decoration. Whether used sparsely, placing single plants in dedicated spots, or generously spread all over the room like an urban jungle – they create a homey feeling. The air plant is the next exciting trend for plant-lovers. These evergreens do not need any soil, as they absorb all their nutrients through their leaves. This means that you can put air plants virtually everywhere you want. They are used in offices, they improve the air quality in the living room, and they can even be put in the bathroom as they like humidity. To flourish, these exotic plants need some daylight, extract water out of the air, and additionally only require watering once a week.

Low Maintenance Exotics

To bring green into your home, you no longer need heavy pots, soil, and regular watering. So, even for those that lack green fingers, this interior trend is perfect. The technical term for air plants is Tillandsia. There are more than 650 different species of these exceptional plants that only develop roots to withstand gravity. The only purpose for their roots is to clamp onto trees, shrubs, or rocks. They originate from South-America, Mexico, and Central-America. 

Air plants: Easy to take care off

Let your imagination run wild with air plants

Also, in our regions Tillandsia can thrive. Installed with a wire on a wooden or concrete block, they look like sculptures. Species like Tillandsia aeranthos “Amethyst”, with its purple colour, become a stylish piece of décor. Combining various air plants can make for a spectacular effect showcased in a terrarium or as a living mural. When placed in hanging glass vases, it almost looks like the plants are floating in air, doing full justice to their name. There are no limits to what you can do with these plants. And a practical benefit is that without the need for soil, they are very light and easy to transport. In this way, you can conveniently test different locations for your air plants or even move them around the home when your preferences change. 

Air plants are one of the most exciting interior trends of the moment, and leading interior designers are already using them. They do not only green your home but also ensure a pleasant interior climate and clean air. When you take good care of your air plants, you will be able to enjoy this home accessory for a long time. 

Here are a few tips on air plant care: 1. Ensure sufficient air circulation. Tillandsia need fresh, nutritious air. 2. Sprinkle them with water once or twice a week, and in case of exceptionally dry air, daily. 3. Treat them with liquid fertilizer once a month. 4. Air plants do not like direct light. Place them in a spot with partial shade.

Did you get excited to start decorating your home with air plants? Or maybe you already have air plants? We are looking forward to receiving your comments!

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