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A house built of steel: Cutting-edge technology and design combined

Initially, the owner of this home – an engineer by profession – planned to construct a traditional country-style family house in the area where he grew up. But after spending many years working with architects Eppler + Bühler in a professional capacity, his plans and vision for his own home were transformed.

Increasingly impressed by the architects’ passion for timeless modern architecture, the client and the professionals worked together to design a house made from steel and glass. The extraordinary design was completed with the latest Smart Home solutions.

The house of steel is a beatiful home with lots of windows.

solid steel construction: The perfect match

After five years of planning and two years of construction work, the project culminated in a home that has little in common with the owner’s original vision, but that perfectly reflects his passion for metal and technology. The house façade is made up primarily of metal, glass and exposed concrete. The home also boasts a spacious garage with ample space for the owner’s collection of cars and motorcycles. The space inside the home is distributed across multiple levels. Two offset main buildings provide a total of four storeys of living space, resting on a concrete core which supports a steel bridge construction. This construction is what supports the upper section of the building, which protrudes from the main shell by up to seven metres in places. The façade and windows were positioned to create a bright interior that offers unobstructed views of nature.

A house built of steel: Nature outside, high-tech inside

The high-tech fixtures and fittings and cutting-edge technical specifications of the home stand in stark contrast to its idyllic countryside surroundings.

Alongside the exposed concrete walls, which are perfectly complemented by the sleek aluminium frames of the Gira E2 design line, the interior is furnished in warm red shades with dark walnut flooring. The steel house is also kitted out with all of the latest building control technology. At the heart of the installation is a KNX system connecting the home’s electrics, from the lighting and blinds to the audio system and the heating. The Gira HomeServer acts as a central control point at which all data is gathered, documented and archived. The device also controls other components such as the blinds, which can be raised and lowered automatically based on incoming weather station data so that the building does not overheat. The underfloor heating, air conditioning and door communication system with video function are also connected via the KNX system. The technology also helps to maximise home security and includes additional motion sensors to provide complete external protection.

In the evening you can enjoy the lights inside the house of steel.
The livingroom inside thor house of steel.
The house of steel can you control with smart-home-technologies.
The bathroom in the house of steel is white and minimalism.
House of steel with own garage inside.

A home with style and personality

Although the planning and construction phases were lengthy, the owner of this home took his time and made the right decision.

The resulting property not only meets all his design, comfort and security needs, but also reflects his personality and passions.

If you were building your own home, which of your passions would you incorporate? Let us know in the comments!

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