Interior design styles: 5 trends to get inspired

When it comes to furnishing and decorating your home, the possibilities are virtually endless: Simple Scandinavian, raw industrial, playful boho-chic – the list goes on and on. But how do you find out which one works best for you? 

After all, there is no right or wrong answer – it all comes down to personal taste.In case you are still looking for inspiring ideas, this article offers an overview of five interior design styles that have been trending for years. Take a look and get creative!

Gira E2 switch in black matt +

Gira E2

Minimalist design for any interior style: Gira E2 switches stand out with their simple, yet sophisticated aesthetics.

Scaled-down, clean, simple: minimalism is the art of leaving out unnecessary details. Source: Gira

1. Minimalism: the art of simplicity

Would you like a little less of that? With the art of omission and puristic lines, minimalism crowns modern living styles. It’s all about functionality and pure, high-quality aesthetics.

  • Furniture design: linear, clear forms and minimised surfaces
  • Materials: stainless steel, aluminium, natural stone, concrete, glass
  • Colours: white, black, beige, shades of grey
  • Switch design: e.g. Gira E2 in black matt, pure white matt or grey matt
Gira Studio switch +

Gira Studio

Round meets square: the Gira Studio design line stands out with its bold play of contrasts.

With its edgy appeal, the Gira Studio design line perfectly matches industrial-style interiors. Source: Gira

2. Industrial style: homeliness meets rough workshop charm

Where sparks once flew and oil smeared the work surfaces, industrial design is making its mark. As a living style, industrial design looks particularly good. Whether a loft, former warehouse or factory or workshop. Exposed brickwork, concrete floors, piping or free-hanging metal lights create a rugged ambience and should remain as primal as possible.

  • Materials: stainless steel, aluminium, wood, concrete, glass
  • Colours: white, black, grey, matte and shiny metallic tones
  • Must-have: free-hanging light bulbs, metal worktop or tabletop
  • Switch design such as Gira Studio in black matt
Scandi-style interior design

3. Scandi style: naturally cosy

“Keep it simple” is the motto for Scandinavian furnishings. The interior style from the far north reflects the relaxed mentality of the Scandinavians and is consistently uncomplicated with clear contours and natural materials. Friendly white, pastel and grey tones accompany solid wood furniture made of spruce, birch or pine. Illuminated by candlelight and cleverly placed lamps, texture-rich fabrics such as wool, leather and crocheted blankets create the typical “hygge” atmosphere.

  • Furniture design: light or painted white
  • Materials: solid wood with visible grain, wool, leather, cork
  • Colours: white, black and pastel tone
  • Must-have: candles, cosy blanket
  • Switch design: e.g. Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood
Boho-style interior design

4. Boho style: creative interior style for free thinkers

Boho style is often referred to as hippie style. Bohemian interior design reflects this avant-garde free spirit. Colourful vintage furniture and accessories can come together inventively in a primarily bright colour backdrop. The charm of the Bohemian style comes above all from improvisation and do-it-yourself.

  • Motifs: mandalas, tribal and geometric patterns
  • Materials: wood, cotton, linen, furs, leather, rattan
  • Colours: light, earthy, natural tones combined with rich colours.
  • Must-have: old wooden chest, vintage suitcase or similar flea market finds
  • Switch design: e.g. Gira E3 umber soft touch or sand soft touch
Country-style interior design

5. Country house style: casual cosiness in country chic

A festive table under apple trees, wide cornfields and the scent of freshly mown grass: a rustic feeling of home and familiar cosiness are the essence of country life. This is exactly the atmosphere that the country house style radiates. Natural wooden furniture, whose grain shimmers through the paint, is arranged on wooden floorboards in rooms flooded with light.

  • Patterns and motifs: rural flowers such as poppies or sunflowers, striped and checked patterns
  • Materials: light wood, porcelain, glass
  • Colours: natural and pastel tones such as cream white, grey green, mint
  • Must-have: large dining table that can accommodate several generations of families
  • Switch design: e.g. Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood

The world of home styling is colourful, exciting, and sometimes a little confusing. In practice, elements of several living styles usually flow together and complement each other.

Regardless of your preferred interior design styles, what matters most is personality and creativity. Anything goes – as long as it makes you feel right at home!

Interior design is a diverse field. What kind of style do you prefer? We look forward to your comments!

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