Our top 3 home stories: minimalist interior at its finest

Classic and contemporary: The ultimate modern loft design

In the German city of Cologne, businesswoman Faiza Bouzenane has created a classic yet contemporary haven. This is more than an apartment: it’s a showcase for her unique minimalist taste. With a keen eye for detail, Faiza focuses on an exceptional tonal colour palette that turns each individual piece of furniture into a unique eye-catcher. A great source of inspiration for anyone who wants a modern look blended with a few classic features.

Faiza follows simple yet effective advice: “Less is more.” Although furniture is functional and sparse, her interior setup makes each individual piece all the more powerful. Each individual design element is prominent yet unobtrusive, down to the very switches and socket outlets themselves. A few strategically placed pieces of exceptional artwork help make this loft interior truly spring to life.

Zeitloses Design & edle Schalter
modern loft design in the kitchen
modern loft design in the living room

Behind the scenes: Visiting a smart tiny house

How much space do we really need? When you think about it, the answer may surprise you. We spoke to blogger and tiny house enthusiast Ricarda Nieswandt, who dreams of one day downsizing to a small but functional residence. Before we chatted, Ricarda kindly agreed to visit the Cabin One Minimalist House. Kitted out with the latest smart technology, Ricarda shows us how even the smallest of places can be functional and beautiful.


The Cabin One Minimal House is packed with smart features. Let Ricarda show you around, see how automatic blind controllers and smart lighting options make for a cosy and convenient way of living. Cabin One hasn’t forgotten about privacy, either: the front door turns opaque upon a single touch.

smart tiny house kitchen
Cabin One Interview Ricarda Nieswandt smart tiny house
Ricarda Nieswandt smart tiny house

A minimalist interior style with a personal touch

German blogger Carina of Wohngoldstück demonstrates her “magic touch” for minimalist living by adding her own unique personal style. Her blog Wohngoldstück is chock full of her thoughts on DIY, home and lifestyle trends. We were so enraptured by her interior style that we invited her for an interview. For Carina, personality is everything but that doesn’t mean having to amass clutter.

Let Carina take you through the specific design elements of her home and what makes it unique. Be inspired by the beautiful colour palette with her focus on natural tones. Learn about how she overcame the challenge of integrating vintage design pieces into an otherwise totally modern new build. Best of all, read her tips on how you can implement a similar style for yourself by following one important tip.

homestory wohngoldstueck. Colour and Colour fits together in Carinas Office
homestory wohngoldstueck, grey flags in the bathroom next to gira switscher outside
homestory wohngoldstueck. bed and coffee for relaxing

Which of these three minimalist homes inspire you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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