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More is more: Make a statement with 2019’s interior design trends

The wall inspiration, home accessories and furniture on display at this year’s London Design Festival was more lively, bright and extroverted than the muted and subtle trends of recent years. Whether the latest designs incorporate a luxurious, playful or abstract twist, they all have one thing in common: There is not a trace of false modesty in sight in the interior design trends for 2019.

Let your home do the talking with 2019’s interior design trends

In a direct challenge to Scandi-inspired minimalism, a number of labels have adopted a more exuberant, almost pompous signature style this season. Deep and intense colours create bold and dramatic contrast, while structured materials are combined with glamorous glitter and sparkle.

Detailed rugs and large prints and patterns set the scene for sumptuously curvy furniture. The Flavour Paper for Arte wallpaper collection, for example, incorporates pop art-inspired patterns, bold graphics and sophisticated patterns to create a fascinating backdrop for any interior style.

Designers are also putting an unconventional new twist on sixties glam and mid-century vintage classics. The Chips Lounge Chair, created by Czech designer Lucie Koldová for TON, combines retro-inspired shapes with an innovative design approach to produce a feature piece that will become a talking point in any room.

Interior design trends 2019: The Chips Lounge Chair
Interior design trends 2019: The Chips Lounge Chair
Interior design trends 2019: Colourful furniture and home accessories are in fashion
Interior design trends 2019: A beautifully designed leather sofa spices up the 60s glam look.

Wood and stone: Sustainable pieces made from natural materials

Although the 2019 interior design trends stand in stark contrast to the minimalism movement, Scandinavian design remains as relevant as ever in the new interiors season – especially for those looking to create sustainable interiors. At the London Design Festival, Danish labels Montana and Skagerak kitted out the Eco Townhouse in the Brompton Design District with a range of sustainable products. The project was designed to inspire others to reconsider their attitudes towards materials and resources.

Alongside untreated wooden furniture, handmade mixed materials are also a core element of this year’s trends. One of the materials in this category – coined “the new marble” by designers – is terrazzo, a material made from cement and coloured stone chips and usually used as flooring in kitchens or bathrooms. Joyce Wang Studio is now bringing sustainable natural stone materials into the living room with the nine-piece FLINT collection of limited-edition tables and household products.

Interior design trends 2019: The combination of natural stone walls and flooring is the perfect way to highlight modern interior styling
Interior design trends 2019:Natural stone walls can be used indoor and outdoor
Interior design trends 2019: Enrich your bathroom with white marble Walls

Statement sofas replace comfy couches

The 2019 interior design trends take comfortable living room seating to a whole new level. In the place of standard-sized cushions and upholstery, sofas now take on new dimensions, with unconventional shapes, voluminous curves and bright colours placing them centre-stage – like the glitzy sofas in the five-piece Disco Gufram collection, whose extravagant designs form a vast landscape all of their own.

These artistic sculpted seats by Milan-based Atelier Biagetti share little aesthetic DNA, but instead form a group of characters with their own distinct identities: Betsy, Tony, Stanley, Jimmy and Charly symbolise an eclectic group of party-goers who are recreating the ambience of a nightclub within their own four walls – with these statement sofas demanding a place in the middle of the dance floor.

The glamorous new “Disko Gufram” collection. Source: Atelier Biagetti / Vimeo

Unique lighting effects for the living room

Designers skilfully deployed creative and glamorous lighting to create the perfect ambience for 2019’s interior design trends. Large, sculptural lamps and pendants with glittering elements bathed the exhibition areas in atmospheric, luxurious light. The highlights included the lighting installation by British lighting brand Cameron Design House (CDH) and American balloon artist Jihan Zencirli (also known as Geronimo).

A single LED lamp illuminated a bundle of mouth-blown glass spheres in a golden chain mesh that appeared to be floating in the air.

Industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson reinvented the traditional light bulb in his playful BEEM collection for Zetteler. LED lamps like the cheerful Smile model and the exuberant Curli use modern technology and graphic design to create impressive light effects.

Samuel Wilkinson talks about his work. Source: / YouTube

Botanicals: Natural landscapes and flower power on the walls

Rugs decorated with huge Monstera leaves, lamp shades covered in palm fronds and exotic petals on cushions and textiles – botanicals have been proliferating across the urban jungle for some time now. But the London Design Festival showcased a more elegant reinterpretation of this established design trend in the form of the Botanical ~ Botanica collection. British wallpaper artists Cole & Son have moved away from the tropics and gone back to nature closer to home in their collection of 15 handmade papers inspired by the English countryside.

From romantic roses in bold pinks to natural olive green foliage, the new botanicals are every bit as awe-inspiring as the cut stems and plants that inspired them, bringing the diversity of nature into the home.

Across the 400 events organised as part of the London Design Festival, visitors were able to rediscover and explore this season’s varied interior trends – while designers once again proved their ability to create surprising new twists and unique, unexpected trends.

Interior design trends 2019: The rose tendrils cleverly complement the look
Interior design trends 2019: The forest print on the wallpaper brings nature into the living room
Interior design trends 2019: The rose tendrils cleverly complement the wooden furniture
interior design trends 2019: botanical wallpapers, you can bring a rural idyll into your own home

What do you think of the interior design trends for 2019? Are you planning to add a touch more extravagance to your interior styling this year? Let us know in the comments!

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