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10 #designclassics revived 🛋: Delve into a world of tasteful colours, innovative materials and timeless design 👉 (link in bio). ⠀ ⠀ 10#Designklassiker neu aufgelegt 🛋: Entdecke eine Welt von ansprechenden Farben, innovativen Materialien und zeitlosem Design 👉 (Link in der Bio). ⠀ 📷: Fritz Hansen
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Can you guess the product by the sketch ✍? Comment if you know the above switch range 💭.⠀
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What a view to wake up to 😍! #Hamburg harbour, the #Elphi and a beautiful panorama of the city. Get all the above and more @empireriversidehotel 🏨, fully equipped with Gira. 👉 Tap the link in bio for more. ⠀ ⠀ Was für ein Ausblick 😍! Der Hamburger Hafen, die Elbphilharmonie und ein schönes Panorama der Stadt. All das bietet das Empire Riverside Hotel 🏨, voll ausgestattet mit Gira. Mehr dazu im 👉 Link in der Bio.⠀ ⠀ ⠀
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One switch to rule them all 🔳 👑. That way, you can rest assured that everything really is off when you leave the house. 👉 Tap the link in bio for the specifics.⠀
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Ever wondered what it looks like behind the Gira G1 🤔? Tap the link in bio and find out why it’s called the multi-talent for building technology.⠀
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We’re really impressed by the results of @tastesheriff 's holiday home renovation! Tap the link in bio to see how Gira products compliment her lovely interiors 😍.⠀ . Aus einem traditionellen Backsteinhaus wurde ein modernes Ferienhaus. Wie Interior-Bloggerin @tastesheriff das gemacht hat und exklusive Bilder findest Du unter dem Link in der Bio.⠀
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What a beautiful sunset 🌆 captured over the new Gira building in #Radevormwald. Construction is close to the finish line ✂. ⠀
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Modern. Stylish. Smart. The #EdgeHouse 🏡 in #Krakow combines ultimate #livingcomfort with intelligent #buildingtechnology. Explore the house 👉 Link in bio. ⠀ Modern. Stylish. Smart. Das Edge House 🏡 in Krakau kombiniert intelligente Gebäudetechnik mit maximalem Wohnkomfort. Mehr dazu im 👉 Link in der Bio. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
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Flat out beautiful and simply stunning in a minimalist interior. The new flat E2 ⬛ diversity puts new emphasis on seamless design. 👉 Link in bio for all the features. ⠀
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When you’re looking to conveniently control numerous functions 🎛, look no further than the Gira touch Sensor 3. Find out all the specifics in the 👉 link in bio. ⠀ ⠀
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Die Interior-Branche hat einen neuen Star ⭐: Der belgische Designer Ramy Fischler wurde zum #DesignerDesJahres 2018 🏆 gekürt. Mehr dazu findest Du im 👉 Link in der Bio. . #InteriorDesign has a new star ⭐: Belgian designer #RamyFischler was crowned as #DesignerOfTheYear 2018 🏆. Experience his journey 👉 (link in bio).
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Natural, energy-efficient 💡 and intelligently connected: Exclusively located in the #Oberpfalz 🌲, this 4-story house is a real eye-catcher. Take a tour 👉 link in bio. . Wohngesund, energieeffizient 💡 und intelligent vernetzt: In exklusiver Lage ist in der Oberpfalz 🌲 ein zukunftsweisendes Einfamilienhaus entstanden. 👉 Link in der Bio.
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Can you spot which Gira design line ⬜ @craftifair has built in her lovely apartment 🌿? Take a tour and find out in the link in bio.⠀ .⠀ Kannst Du erraten welches Gira Designprogramm ⬜ @craftifair in ihrer schönen Wohnung verbaut hat? Im Link in der Bio könnt Ihr hinter die Kulissen blicken. ⠀ #Homestory
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Simple and secure installation 🛠 is one of Gira System 106’s top character traits. See exactly how easy it is in the 👉 link in bio. ⠀ ⠀
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The #LondonMastaba in #HydePark 🌳 🏙 is a real eye-catcher by Installation artist Christo. Discover the floating pyramid close-up in the 👉 link in bio.
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We take responsibility for the #future 🌍. #Sustainability is high on our agenda 🌿 and we constantly want to achieve more in the field. ⠀
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What a view 😍. Imagine this was your home, how would you decorate the interiors 🤷? Tell us what captures your attention. 👉 Link in bio. ⠀
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Opening the door 🔑 🚪 or switching on the lights 💡 are functions we utilize daily. Find out which Gira Home Station suits you best 👉 link in bio. ⠀ Opening the door 🔑 🚪 or switching on the lights 💡 are functions we utilize daily. Find out which Gira Home Station suits you best 👉 link in bio. ⠀⠀
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Conveniently control complex functions 🎛 with the Gira Touch Sensor 3. Choose your desired design line and get started. 👉 Tap the link in bio for more. ⠀
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It’s really stunning 😍 how @tastesheriff turned this charming thatched house in #Nordfriesland into a beautiful holiday retreat 🏡, fully equipped with Gira. It’s all in the details, see for yourself 👉 (link in bio). ⠀ . ⠀ Dank Modernisierung und Clara’s Liebe zum Detail 😍 wurde aus dieser #Ferienwohnung eine Ferienoase 🏡, voll ausgestattet mit Gira. Lasst Euch im 👉 Link in der Bio inspirieren. ⠀ #hofhilligenbohl #homestory ⠀ ⠀
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