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The entire Gira design system at a glance 👀 – within your own four walls. See what the Gira Design Configurator lets you do 👉 (link in bio).⠀⠀ ⠀
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The Japanese 🇯🇵 #interiortrend #WabiSabi makes less seem like more. It‘s about keeping things pure, using natural tones and leaning on #zenbuddhism 🧘. Take a tour in the link in bio. ⠀ .⠀ Der Japanische Wohntrend Wabi-Sabi macht aus weniger mehr. Das Wohnkonzept richtet seinen Blick auf das Wesentliche in der Raumgestaltung und zeigt Charme im Unperfekten. Mehr dazu im Link in der Bio.⠀
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The new Gira catalogue 2018/19. 85,000 issues made from naturally recycled paper. Who’s waiting for their copy?⠀⠀
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Enjoy views across #HamburgHarbour from the @empireriversidehotel in the new #HafenKrone quarter. The Gira E2 design line was the perfect match for the interior concept. 👉 Tap the link in bio for more.
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Intelligently and easily control your building technology at the touch of a button 👆. Explore all the functions of the Gira Touch Sensor 3 👉 (link in bio).
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Quickly and easily configure your Gira door intercom🚪. It’s modular, so you can make it it your own. 👉 See how in the link in bio.
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Timeless classic, elegant #interiortrend and a clear statement: Black 🖤 is much more than just a colour. 👉 Find out why in the link in bio. . Eleganter #Wohntrend, zeitlose Klassiker und ein klares Statement: Schwarz 🖤 ist viel mehr als eine Farbe. 👉 Im Link in der Bio erfährst Du warum. 📷: String
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Have you visited our Gira Store in #Barcelona yet 🤷? Let us know where else you’d like to see one of these ☝️.
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Gira E3 harmoniously combines clean, smooth shapes with technical precision. Add the Gira Touch Sensor and control a wide range of functions. See more 👉 link in bio.
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Opposites attract ⚪⬛. Gira Studio combines contrasting shapes and colours to stand out in any surrounding. 👉 Find out more in the link in bio.
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Experience more with less in this small size premium #spa 🛁. Would you consider this option for your #bathroom? Explore more 👉 (link inbio)
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Catching a glimpse of the #GiraNeubau 🔍. We’ll keep you updated as to when it’s finally done. Follow the progress on our website.
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All #roofs but one look alike. The #UfoHouse 🛸 in #Stuttgart was quite the controversial project. Read why 👉 (link in bio)
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Use a wide array of functions to control the things that matter the most in your own four walls 🏠. Find out which functions the Gira Touch Sensor 3 Plus offers. 👉 Link in bio.
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Combine your Gira System 3000 with more than 75 frame variants, and more than 300 inserts in different colours and materials 😮. Get started in the link in bio.
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London’s 🇬🇧 #designfestival @l_d_f_official is still up for a visit 🚶. Check out our highlights and read everything there is to know 👉 link in bio. . Das London Design Festival bietet auch dieses Jahr wieder ein umfangreiches Programm. Im Link in der Bio findest Du unsere Event-Highlights.
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We always look at finished products, all shiny and ready to use ⭐. Well, this is where a lot of them are made ☝️.
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A Slovenian 🇸🇮 #countrysidehouse that blends in perfectly with its surrounding ⛰️. Find out how it combines Gira technology and enables comfortable living in age 👉 link in bio. . Moderne Ausstattung trifft alpenländischen Baustil: Diese #Gira Referenz in Slowenien 🇸🇮 ermöglicht komfortables Wohnen im Alter dank intelligenter #Gebäudetechnik. 👉 Link in der Bio.
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Sometimes the simple things and details like #switches 🔲 can make all the difference. Tap the link in bio to see how @craftifair spiced up 🌶️ her #interiors. We’re really impressed by the results .😍. Manchmal reichen auch kleine Details wie Lichtschalter 🔲, um neue Akzente in einem Raum zu setzen. @craftifair zeigt Euch im Link in der Bio wie es geht. Wir sind wirklich begeistert vom Ergebnis 😍.
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From this point of view it could be mistaken for a #Baumkuchen 🎂. As you know Gira doesn’t do #Kuchen yet – Find out in which “flavours” Gira Esprit linoleum-plywood comes 👉 link in bio.
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